Alba Reche announces ‘Sobre Quimera’, a series of concerts for this summer

Alba Reche announces ‘Sobre Quimera’, a series of concerts for this summer

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The singers are announcing concert dates, new music, and everything they haven’t been able to create away from home these months. Alba Reche A few weeks ago he announced a series of concerts for the end of the year, but since he cannot wait until that moment to get on stage, he wanted to add more appointments to his tour so that his followers can enjoy his live music as soon as possible.

“HEY. See you this summer in” on chimera “💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛 unimaginable the illusion that makes me this. I will upload the link of the entries to my stories. A GOZARRRR”, he had in his account Instagram with an image where he announces six concerts. Alba will be during the months of July, August and September in Barcelona (07/26), Murcia (06/08), Sanlucar de Barrameda (08/21), Mairena de Aljarafe (09/10), Pomegranate (09/14) and Torrevieja (09/19). In addition, he plans to add more dates for his followers to listen aura as they have been wanting to do for months.

This series of concerts, which he has called About Chimera, it seems to be a small preview of his Chimera Tour, of which already announced four locations for September, October, November and December: Malaga, Gijón, Valencia and Madrid, where he will give goose bumps with his voice to all who come to see it.

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Also, some of his classmates OT 2018 They are very happy with the news. Dave He has not hesitated to answer it by showing him the illusion that makes him play in his land: “But how strong you come to Sanlúcar did not know anything 🥺🥺🥺❤❤❤“I wrote to him. Will he go on stage with her?

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