Alex Nevsky, in turn, apologizes to the women he “injured or offended”

Alex Nevsky, in turn, apologizes to the women he “injured or offended”

In a long message on social networks.

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This intense week made it possible to highlight unacceptable actions taken by certain public figures.

Maripier Morin decided to take a step back from his career and go into therapy, and Yann Perreau was dumped by his record company after disturbing allegations (the details here).

Even if the name ofAlex Nevsky did not appear on this famous list of abusers, he still saw fit to speak on social networks after receiving an email from a former girlfriend who shook him.

« In this email, she describes the abusive relationship in which she spent two years. I discover that my behavior has hurt her extremely much, and that she still wounds it.

I discover how, through what I believed to be love, I did and I still sometimes blackmail emotionally, how I have unrealistic expectations regarding sexuality in a couple. I discover at 34 that some of my behaviors are abusive. I find out what sexual coercion is “He says.

« I take full responsibility today for all times when a woman has felt insufficient or forced to have intimate relationships with me. I will no longer be insistent, or moved.


Now, I will do everything in my power to be an ally, never to defend again by my silence or my inaction from the aggressors or the rapists.

The singer says he ended a business relationship with an attacker two months ago. “I was aware of a story (which is very very far from anything abominable about it in the past few days), then I believed the version of the aggressor, who had of course omitted to tell me the worst.

He also indicates that another person close to him is the subject of allegations. “A longtime friend, I closed my eyes to certain stories, favoring the human that I knew and appreciated, to the detriment of the victims ».

He ends his letter with a formal apology: ” I apologize to anyone I may have hurt or offended with my actions and words. I hear you, I see you and I believe you. »

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