Almeida signs 60 veteran servicemen to reinforce the Municipal Police

Almeida signs 60 veteran servicemen to reinforce the Municipal Police

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He City of Madrid opens call to reinforce the Municipal police with 300 new places, of which 60 will be reserved for veteran soldiers. These are members of the Armed Forces, many of them with experience in the area of ​​operations, who have forcibly retired upon reaching 45 years of age. With this measure, the Consistory led by José Luis Martínez-Almeida It intends to alleviate the lack of troops that the body of the capital suffers, one of the promises that the mayor made at the beginning of his term.

The bases of the oppositions were approved by decree on December 18, before the crisis of the coronavirus. Due to the implications of the pandemic and the paralysis of much of the public administration, the resolution was not approved until July 1. The call must still be published in the State official newsletter (BOE).

He SAPROMIL, body dependent on the State Secretariat for Defense, contains the bases of this call: “Three hundred positions in the category of Police of the Municipal Police Force of Madrid, belonging to the scale of Special Administration, Special Services Subscale, Local Police class , group C, subgroup C1 ”.

60 seats of 300

Of the 300 seats, 60 are reserved for the access of professional military troops and seamen. They are the troops who have developed their professional careers in the different bodies of the Armed Forces by way of troops and seafarers. When they turn 45, they are separated from the different armies or from the Navy with a monthly pension close to 600 euros compatible with other work activity.

“Of the 300 places called, 60 places are reserved for free access by professional military troops and seamen, in accordance with the provisions of article 38.4 of Law 1/2018, of February 22, on the Coordination of Local Police of the Community of Madrid. The remaining 240 places correspond to the free access shift ”, details the Official Bulletin of the Madrid City Council.

Representative associations regret the shortage of professional opportunities that troop and seafarers find when they reach the stipulated age. Most of them fail to validate the knowledge acquired by official degrees with which to access the market, both in the public and private sectors.

The Minister of Defense, Margaret Robles, indicated last February from the Congress of Deputies that he was studying the possibility that his department dispensed with some subcontractors to employ these military. And more recently, in an act in which he renewed a good part of the Ministry’s leadership, he stated that one of his objectives was for the troops and seafarers to obtain a professional training degree.


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