AMLO Announces Purchase of Medicines Abroad with UN Supervision (Video)

AMLO Announces Purchase of Medicines Abroad with UN Supervision (Video)

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SUPPLY. President Andrés Manuel López Obrador assured that the objective is to guarantee medicines for those who require it.

The Mexican government will make a consolidated purchase of medicines abroad to address the problem of drug shortages, which will be supervised by the United Nations Organization, announced President Andrés Manuel López Obrador. Since the beginning of this administration, the authorities of the Ministry of Health have denounced that in previous governments a monopoly prevailed in the sale and distribution of medicines. The President of the Republic stated at the time that only 10 companies supplied 80% of all the medicines that were purchased, even at a premium.

At the end of last January, the government published in the Official Gazette of the Federation a decree authorizing the purchase of medicines abroad when “there are monopolies and sabotage.” On Tuesday morning, President López Obrador will meet at the National Palace with the Mexican representative at the UN, Juan Ramón de la Fuente, and with the Health cabinet to discuss everything related to the consolidated purchase that his administration will make to in order to guarantee free medicines for the population.

“When those who dedicated to the sale of medicines regenerate, who understand that corruption is over, then we will be able to acquire the medicines in the country,” López Obrador assured that his government will not be held hostage by groups that were doing their August , ‘who profited, who sold even adulterated, expired medicines, which monopolized all government purchases, very famous laboratories who thought that because they had very good relations with the media and with smear campaigns, they were going to defeat us’. The federal president recalled that it is a commitment of his administration to provide free medical care and medicines to the population, as established in Article 4 of the Constitution.


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