An ultra-left site claims the attack on the statue

An ultra-left collective claims the attack on the statue

Two police investigations target the anonymous platform “”. This one announced to be at the origin of the red paint on the statue of David de Pury in Neuchâtel and of the fire of two Securitas cars in Friborg.

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The statue of David de Pury was vandalized on the night of July 12 to 13 in Neuchâtel.

A site of the ultra-left Romande “” appears in two police investigations, as announced Monday on the airwaves of RTS. About ten days ago, the said platform relaying the actions of various extreme left collectives claimed the attack at the red bronze statue painting de David de Pury in Neuchâtel. This 18th century merchant and benefactor of the city is accused of having built his fortune on the exploitation of slaves.

“” is also targeted by a second police investigation, which concerns the fire of two vehicles of the company Securitas in Friborg, also claimed mid-July while the incident was never publicized. Its members denounce racist acts in the management of asylum seekers by the company mandated by the Confederation. As the website in question is now hosted in the United States, and its anonymous authors, the work of the authorities to trace the culprits is becoming more complex, adds the RTS.


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