Andrea Bocelli admits to violating quarantine in Italy

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(ANSA) – Tenor Andrea Bocelli admitted on Monday (27) that he violated the ban on leaving the house during the lockdown imposed in Italy to contain the Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus pandemic.

The star participated in a debate about the health crisis organized by Senator Armando Siri, from the extreme right-wing Liga, and by conservative deputy Vittorio Sgarbi, who does not belong to any legend.

The event was also attended by the opposition leader in Italy and the federal secretary of the League, Senator Matteo Salvini. “I accepted this invitation, but I am distant from politics. During the lockdown, I tried to identify myself with who had to make difficult decisions, but then things didn’t go well. As time went on, I didn’t know anyone who had gone to the ICU, so why this gravity? “said Bocelli.

According to the tenor, he felt “humiliated and offended” by the ban on leaving the house – during the quarantine, which was in force nationwide from March 10 until the beginning of May, people could only go out on the street for essential reasons, such as for health reasons or to buy food.

“I admit that I violated the ban,” added Bocelli, who also launched an appeal for the reopening of Italian schools, which ended the school year in June with distance classes, but will again receive students from September 14, when the next period begins.

“I hope that we will all get out of this terrible situation together,” said the tenor, who had Covid-19 and even donated blood plasma for research.

Negationism – The debate was marked by a negative tone in relation to the pandemic, which has already infected around 246 thousand people in Italy and left more than 35 thousand dead, not to mention underreporting.

Congressman Sgarbi even cited an alleged report from the German government that says the new coronavirus is a “global false alarm” – the document, in fact, reflects only the opinion of a single Interior Ministry official and is not official – and to affirm that “it is not true” to say that Brazil is experiencing an emergency – the country had between 19 and 25 July the worst week since the beginning of the pandemic, with 319.4 thousand cases and 7.7 thousand deaths in only seven days.

In addition, Sgarbi declared that Italy has not been killed by the new coronavirus “for two months”, and in that period, the country recorded at least 2,300 deaths. Senator Siri said that there was “a little exaggeration in the narrative about the virus” and that the “painful reality” experienced by the most affected areas, such as the province of Bergamo, “could not justify excessive anxiety and distress”. (ANSA).


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