Andrea Bocelli criticized after statements about pandemic

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(ANSA) – Until then unanimous in Italy, tenor Andrea Bocelli became the target of criticism because of his negative statements about the pandemic of the Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus, which infected more than 246 thousand people and left more than 35 thousand dead in the country.

The star participated in a debate on the health crisis organized by extreme right-wing parliamentarians in Rome, on Monday (27), and even referred to the emergency as “the so-called pandemic”.

“I tried to identify with who had to make difficult decisions. Then I tried to analyze the reality and saw that things were not as they told us. […] As time went by, thank God I didn’t know anybody who had gone to the ICU, so why is it so serious? “, He asked.

In addition, Bocelli said he felt “humiliated and offended” by the ban on leaving the house during the lockdown in Italy and confessed to having violated the quarantine on some occasions. One of the first to react to the statements was another Italian music star, rapper Fedez, with whom the tenor even made a virtual presentation to raise funds for a hospital during the pandemic.

“If you don’t know anyone who has been in the ICU and if you allow yourself to instill the doubt that the pandemic is a fantasy, I present you with a friend of mine who, because of Covid, had to undergo a lung transplant at age 18. , being silent from time to time doesn’t hurt, “said Fedez, without naming Bocelli by name.

The message is accompanied by a photo of a patient in the ICU built with the help of a collection sponsored by the rapper and blogger Chiara Ferragni, his wife. Also speaking was Luca Fusco, chairman of a committee of family members of victims of the pandemic that has already filed dozens of complaints for the negligence of the authorities in the health crisis.

“I would like to invite Bocelli, whom I have always appreciated as an artist, to come to Bergamo and Brescia whenever he wants. I am sure he will change his mind about many things,” said Fusco, referring to two of the provinces most affected by the pandemic in Italy. .

With the negative repercussions of his statements, Bocelli said that he was “misinterpreted” and that he is not a “denialist”, but an “optimist”. The tenor contracted the new coronavirus in March and even donated plasma for research on treatments for Covid-19. (ANSA).


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