Anne Hidalgo officially re-elected mayor of Paris

Anne Hidalgo officially re-elected mayor of Paris

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“There is no better engagement than Paris“: the socialist Anne Hidalgo, who came first in the second round of the municipal elections on Sunday, was officially re-elected mayor of Paris on Friday after obtaining the majority of votes in the Paris council.

The outgoing mayor was re-elected for six years, obtaining 96 votes out of 163, in a “third round” during which the councilors of Paris, elected by the Parisians, meet to choose the mayor of the capital.

Arriving second during the second round on Sunday, the right decided not to present a candidate.

Re-elected to the applause of the elected officials, Anne Hidalgo thanked the Parisians, her relatives and her teams. “Paris is the commitment of a lifetime (…) it is also mine,” said Hidalgo, who joined forces with the Greens between the two rounds and presented a very green program.

“I am particularly moved and aware of the responsibility you have entrusted to me. We are the last generation to be able to act before it is too late,” she added, promising to transform the city to “adapt it”. to climate change. ”

Creation of a public health department, support for traders, young people, families affected by the economic and social crisis, ecology … The re-elected mayor, whose candidacy had been brought by “Paris en Commun” (which brings together socialists, communists, elected Generations, and personalities from civil society), gave the outlines of its next measures.

The 163 advisers from Paris met exceptionally in the village hall, specially equipped to comply with health precautions after the Covid-19 pandemic.

The candidate of LR Rachida Dati assured that her group would be “a responsible, constructive and demanding opposition”. “We will prepare for the sandwich course”.

Sunday, the outgoing mayor largely won the election in Paris, facing a right which held its positions and the collapse of the presidential majority, Agnès Buzyn (LREM) not even getting his seat on the Paris Council.

The majority as a whole thus wins 96 seats, against 57 for the right LR, 6 for LREM, one for La France rebellious and 3 seats – elected in the 5th arrondissement where LR and LREM had merged in between the two towers – whose position remains undetermined.

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