assumes the mayor’s office and the ghosts of the past appear

assumes the mayor's office and the ghosts of the past appear

The Mayor of Badalona, ​​Xavier García Albiol. (EFE)

The mayor of Badalona, ​​the popular Xavier García Albiolnewcomer to office as the opposition’s multi-pact has been broken that the mayor took from him despite being the candidate most voted in the last elections, arrives at the chair of the first municipality exactly when the ghosts of your past come to life: this Tuesday you have to appear before the judge as charged with an alleged crime of embezzlement, having allowed the installation of two telephone antennas (from Vodafone and Movistar) allegedly without a license during his previous term, since September 2012. The Prosecutor’s Office had filed a complaint against García Albiol and then added to the list of accused the deputy mayor of the previous legislature, Oriol Lladó, of ERC, on which the subject depended as head of Public Road of the city council.

The prosecutor responsible for Fauna and Flora (environment), Miguel Ángel Pérez de Gregorio, maintains that the installation of the antennas, in the Turó d’En Carig, very close to the headquarters of the Urban Guard, lacked all kinds of permits, since it required an urban planning license that they never obtained. But, according to the complaint from the Public Ministry, there there is no works file, no environmental license, no administrative record no formal authorization

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Marcos Lamelas. BarcelonaXavier García Albiol did not even support Pablo Casado in the PP primaries: his support went to Dolores de Cospedal. Now he resumes his career with three years of mayor ahead

Badalona Investigating Court Number 4 is now investigating four other former municipal officials for this affair: Josep Duran, then head of the legal services of the city council (due to urban planning infringement); Miguel Jury, Councilor for Security of the PP (for cover-up); Tomás Vizcaíno, then CEO of the municipal company Engestur, which managed the installation of the antennas, and Christian Carneado, current manager of Engestur. These last two are imputed for urban trespass, although Carneado was not responsible for the company at the time of the events.

According to the documentation to which El Confidencial has had access, at the time of its installation, union representatives had several meetings with municipal officials, since the Administration itself had leaked that the antennas, located in Turó d’En Caritg, were very near the headquarters of the Urban Guard, emitted dangerous radiation.

Total free antennas

He PP released a statement stating that García Albiol, who was mayor from 2011 to 2015, did not intervene in any administrative file and they stressed that the antennas continued to function during the next legislature, in which the cupera governed Dolors Sabater, and later, when he acceded to the office of mayor in 2019, the socialist Alex Pastor (who resigned last April after being hunted driving in full confinement period), although the truth is that the largest of them, of Vodafone (it was more than 20 meters high), it was disassembled on July 21, 2018 and that of Movistar was also withdrawn at that time. Investigations have concluded that telephone companies they never paid a single euro for the antennas, which were on public land, when the normal thing is that they pay to settle in any land.

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Antonio Fernández. BarcelonaAccording to what this newspaper could gather from direct sources, Pastor, a karate black belt, became “angry” with the Mossos agents, although he did not practice any of their techniques.

One of the witnesses who have already passed through the court acknowledged that the issue of antennas was dealt with on several occasions even with the mayor himself. Furthermore, they were connected to the dependencies of the Urban Guardthat is, fed with the electrical network of this police force. This circumstance was sent to the town hall in the form of complaint brief. “In these meetings with the Lord Jury [concejal de Seguridad], the risks of antennas and their radiation were discussed, and Mr. Jurado’s response was that were legal and within the framework of emissions“Says a judicial record to which this newspaper has had access.

In the meetings that union officials held with the then mayor, Xavier García Albiol, to give him complaints and ask for responsibilities for the antennas, he directed them to Engestur, which was the public company that managed its installation. A witness, then a union representative, told the judge on February 11 that “when they change the government, in 2015, they meet with Dolors Sabater, transferring, in relation to the antennas, the concern about radiation and that in one season they had suffered from cancer cases that created alarm and this refers them to Engestur. And at the end of 2015 they meet with Engestur, Mr. Carneado, and a company that managed to control the radiation of the antennas. With Mrs Sabater, it was not revealed that the antennas could be illegal. Was told [al testigo] that those antennas they were not formalized by companies and the issue had to be resolved” At the time of the installation of the antennas, García Albiol, in addition to being mayor, was president of Engestur and responsible for Urban Planning.

Health hazard

Another union official who appeared as a witness in the case in the past 26 of February He stated before the judge that the installation of the antennas “generated great concern, because on other occasions complaints had been received about the placement of antennas in other spaces. Furthermore, he agreed that two or three colleagues who were permanent in the building suffered cancer” Sources familiar with the case explain to El Confidencial that radiation rates were triple those of any inhabited area of ​​Catalonia. The witness also stated before the judge that the radiation levels of the antennas were below the legal level, but “they were among the highest in Catalonia.”

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Esteban Hernández

The hostility with which Albiol’s appointment as a popular candidate has been welcomed raises some questions about the left and its strategic capacity. And it says a lot about the PP

That was the thesis maintained by Josep Montes, a municipal environmental technician. “The technician says yes, the radiation index is the highest in Catalonia, but it is below the permitted level and its impact on the date of the meeting cannot be verified [era el año 2014]although the same after 20 years an affectation could happen. They undertook, but did not comply, to install the antennas on the roof of the building so that the waves did not reach them so directly“Says one of the court records of the case.

That witness, whose statement is in the possession of this newspaper, also relates that the municipal officials clung to the justification that the antennas they were legal because they were on public land. Miguel Jurado, in addition, had told the representatives of the Local Police that everything was legal and had promised “that the money they had received from the companies would serve to pave the ‘parking’ and make improvements [en el edificio de la Guardia Urbana]” But, since the telecommunications companies did not pay a single euro for the use of the land, its use for six years was totally free. And the ‘parking’ was paved with charge to public budgets.


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