“At first I did everything, I had 3 or 4 live a day”


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Francini Amaral recounted the episode of vertigo that she suffered from stress during the quarantine: “At first I did everything, I had 3 or 4 live a day”

“I am calm now, I am not having an excess of future, I am living my present. Thinking, what will happen to my life? But without stressing, because stress leads to nothing, leads to anxiety, “said Francini Amaral.

The 36-year-old dancer contacted Angélica Castro’s interview space today on Velvet’s Instagram.

There she talked about her plans to become a mother in the near future, the trip she made to Portugal to connect with her mother, who died five years ago, and about the episode of vertigo that she suffered.

She related how her studies in coaching and neurolinguistic programming helped her manage stress and anxiety during confinement.

This was part of what he said:

“I was in the middle of the pandemic, which is fine now, but I had an episode of vertigo that lasted a little over a month. Thank God, as the doctor explained, I had mild vertigo, that is, there are people who are much worse than me.

“What happened to me was that, I could get up, I could walk, but it is like the typical tide when you get off a boat and when you go through more closed places, like almost claustrophobic.

“I had exams, I had a terrible time, lousy, lousy. I had to look to the sides very slowly, because everything turned me around a lot. And in the end what I had was peripheral vertigo.

“I took remedies and more remedies, which are all very expensive. I thought about people who suffer constantly, how much money do they spend on that? And it disables you a lot, I felt like I was stupid, I couldn’t do it, I couldn’t concentrate.

“But it was happening little by little. I rested doing you, I walked very much, I tried to do everything. I was testing my limits with vertigo. Now I’m fine, thank God. But it was an episode where my body said “ok, stop.”

“Because when the quarantine started in March, I started to be very active, mainly on social networks. I was doing live every day, I was doing interviews, dance classes, everything they offered me, I offered it to people for free.

“At first I did everything, I had 3 or 4 live shows a day. I worked more than … No, crazy, crazy. And that made the week go by super fast, and I got sick, so I think my body somatized all the stress that I wasn’t showing.

“At some point they said‘ you are pregnant ’, no, boy, it’s stress. And stop, stop, absolutely nothing. And it is also rich to be a little outside, it is rich to be active, but it is also rich to look from the outside, how to stop a little. The pandemic gives that possibility to people.

“Now I’m starting very poorly. I imagine that it has happened to all of us, we change our goals, objectives, the way we see many things. I finished studying neurolinguistic coaching and programming last year, and I took courses in emotional intelligence, and I kind of got really into that world.

“I had to do as a self-analysis too, because you have to take advantage of the positive and negative instances, and not stick to the problems without the solutions. It’s like ‘what do we do? We stop, we observe, what stop are we at? ‘

“And I am in it, I am calm now, I am not having an excess of the future, I am living my present. Thinking, what will happen to my life? But without stressing, because stress leads to nothing, leads to anxiety.

“It’s not easy, but is not impossible either. One first has to find the tools he has, your strengths, one has to look for the positive to see how you are going to work it. Because when you have a problem, you go to the negative and focus on the problem, and drown in a glass of water.

“Although the problem is serious, I am not minimizing the situation. But it is a situation that is massive, it is global, it is in all the houses, at different levels, but the problem is.

“So when you start to focus on the solution, you start looking for new goals and the goals are what make you move. Because if you have a project, that will make you get up and sit in front of the computer or start working, or find solutions to make that project work.

“I think there are many factors that one can look for and support, and so one does not despair. It sounds easy, but I always say, because I have a photographic memory, so what I do is grab a notebook and write.

“Then put yourself, what do I want for my life? I write. What are my real possibilities today? I write. And when I see the map in my notebook I can have a clarity of what I want.

“Because we in our artistic life, it is an unstable life, but one has to look for stability within the instability that we have hit. The contracts come and go, we have seasons that we have nothing and we have seasons that are covered with snag. We also don’t have a schedule routine. Our hours are super different from that of ordinary people.

“I feel that trying to organize the day, life and put it on paper, helps a lot so that you have clarity where you are going”


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