at least seven infections in a summer camp

At least seven infections in a summer camp

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Graubünden announces at least seven coronavirus infections in a holiday camp bringing together around a hundred children and young adolescents aged 9 to 13. A total of 196 people have been quarantined, 14 are in isolation and two are hospitalized.

The camp which took place last week in the Chur region was intended in particular to prepare a final concert. Around 80 participants are domiciled in Graubünden, the cantonal health office said on Thursday, which was informed of the case on Monday.

Second camp interrupted

Several participants continued their vacations in another camp which they joined over the weekend, before symptoms appeared. The thirty participants in this second camp, which was interrupted in the meantime, are among those quarantined.

In addition to the seven confirmed infections, several people have suspicious symptoms. The cantonal health office therefore expects the number of confirmed infections to increase among those quarantined, indicates its director Rudolf Leuthold at Keystone-ATS. The results of their tests are not yet known.

The Grison contact tracing service was able to quickly implement control measures and interrupt the chain of infections thanks to the concept of effective protection of the organizers. During the final concert of the first camp, the visitors had been registered and divided into sectors. In this way, an entire sector with 42 spectators could be quarantined.

Tracing: the canton tightens the screw

Like other cantons, Graubünden has seen an increase in outbreaks in recent weeks, mainly in the areas of entertainment, catering and recreation. The authorities have therefore decided to tighten the screw when it comes to contact tracing.

They now require establishments and organizers to verify the authenticity of their customers’ contact details. Graubünden thus follows the model imposed by several cantons including Bern, Zurich, the two Basle, Aargau, Solothurn, Lucerne and Ticino.


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