“At the end: we did it”


Stjepan Kukuruzović and Lausanne-Sport ended up doing it. The Vaudois club moved to the Super League, after having suffered a lot.

LS players on fire at Pontaise.

The LS took the time, but it achieved its goal: the rise in the elite. Coming out of the field, we still managed to snatch a few words from No 7 of LS, in a hurry to head off, even if he did not yet know where.

It’s done, you are in the Super League …

Yes… It is deserved I think. We had a very good season. There, we are finally going to party, we are very happy to have finally managed to do it.

It was complicated down the road.

Yeah, the pressure ended up being really strong. Our first season in the Challenge League was not great. We didn’t play it at our level. Then, we felt it throughout this year, but we ended up deserving to go up. In this team, there were many qualities and we are happy to have finally succeeded in doing so.

Compared to the failure of the last season, wasn’t it the atmosphere in the locker room that ended up making the difference?

Yes… [il hésite] It’s hard to say why it worked this time… We started this new season so well, with I don’t know how many wins in a row. It gave us so much confidence, but also a lot of experience in this Challenge League. Because this level is different, it changes the elite. Finally, we adapted our game and in the end: we did it.

What’s next? Party all night?

I don’t know… With the coronavirus, it’s difficult! We will see this evening what we can and cannot do. But we will necessarily do something between us, in the locker room later … We’ll see!

No nonsense, eh!



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