Back to school at private and public schools in Minas Gerais

Back to school at private and public schools in Minas Gerais

© Jair Amaral / EM / DA Press – 8/31/18
With the pandemic of the new coronavirus still out of control in Minas, face-to-face classes are still ruled out

Education unions in Minas Gerais point out that there is no provision for the return of face-to-face classes. On this Tuesday (7), the Union of Private Schools of Minas Gerais (Sinep) met with the Government of Minas. Face-to-face classes have been suspended since March 18 of this year and there is no expected return.

“We were received for a meeting with the Committee COVID-19, from the state government, attended by the State Department of Education. We present the reality of schools, in order to show how the pandemic has impacted private education. In Minas, infant education schools are the hardest hit “, informed the president of Sinep, Zuelica Reis.

Default in some cases reaches 60%, and the rate of cancellation of enrollment is between 30 and 40%. She says that, due to the increase in cases in the state, there is still no forecast of a return to activities.

“If the disease is walking at the same level, I don’t see any possibility of a return. I don’t see a perceptual return for July because it has not planned, and the disease continues to advance”, agreed Valéria Morato, president of the Teachers Union of the State of Minas Gerais (Sinpro). She further states that “the Council’s guidelines are important, but they must undergo major changes.”

Zuleica says that an orientation or an appointment by the State would be important, even if extended in the future, for the schools and families get organized in advance: “It’s not time to go back to school yet, but it’s important to have a forecast of when this can happen, like other states, like São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. we don’t even have a channel for dialogue “.

She asks for a space for dialogue with Belo Horizonte City Hall. “We see the mayor receiving merchants, shopkeepers, but it seems that there is no concern with education. As stated, it is not a question of returning to school. We would like a policy of helping private schools in early childhood education, which are linked to the municipal and who enroll 54 thousand children in Belo Horizonte alone. We would like exemption from municipal taxes in this period. It does not solve the problem, but it would help a lot “.

According to Zuleica, education has an invaluable social value and it is necessary for the city to look at private schools. “When we talk about the crisis, it is not about large educational complexes or big schools. The reality of private schools is far from that, more than 80% of schools are small, neighborhood, with few students. These are the ones that have suffered the most”, he added.

Valéria Morato believes that schools should be the last to open: “I think that this pandemic, until it is attacked, has no way of returning. The school is a space in itself of contamination, of agglomeration. The school must be the last space to have normalized ground space “.

What PBH says

According to the Municipal Department of Education, the reopening of schools, in the face-to-face model, with the agglomeration of students, teachers and employees, depends on the decision of the health authorities.”For the time being, in line with the rest of the country, Belo Horizonte does not expect to return to classes in the traditional model,” he informed, in a note.

As for the operational difficulties of private schools, the Municipal Department of Education understands that it is also a problem brought about by the pandemic of COVID-19, but the tax-free it is a tool that needs its own legislation and, therefore, it must first be approved by the Belo Horizonte City Council.

“Since the beginning of pandemic of COVID-19, in order to minimize the administrative and financial impacts for taxpayers, the City of Belo Horizonte adopted measures to support economic activities. Among which, the extension of the deadline for payment of the IPTU of the companies that had the Location and Functioning Permits suspended “, concluded.

The Minas Gerais State Secretariat of Education (SEE / MG) informs that classroom activities have been suspended indefinitely in the state public school system since March 18, as a preventive and confrontation measure against Covid-19 in state, as determined by the Extraordinary Committee COVID-19 nº 18.

“At this moment, SEE is conducting studies and discussions with educational entities that will assist in the formulation of protocols for the resumption of classroom activities in Minas Gerais. It is important to note that the return to classrooms depends on the progress of the epidemiological curve of contamination by Covid-19 in the state and will always follow the guidelines of the State Department of Health (SES), in line with the Minas Consciente Program “, he informed by means of a note.

During this period of social isolation in which classroom activities are suspended, SEE / MG is offering the Non-Presential Study Scheme which aims to support students in the network in the continuity of the teaching and learning process.


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