Bar Association analyzes requesting impeachment of members of the TSJ

Bar Association analyzes requesting impeachment of members of the TSJ

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“We want the reality of the Justice of Córdoba to be known. It is necessary to make visible the situation of the malfunctioning of Justice, which deepened during the quarantine. For this reason, this week we are going to present a series of measures among which we will request the impeachment of some of the members of the Superior Court of Justice and prosecutors. ”

The speaker is the director of the Administrative Law Chamber of the Córdoba Bar Association, Claudio Juárez Centeno, and a member of the Professional Unit, the group chaired by Mario Ponce, who serves as deputy second of the Bar Association.

The reason for the request lies in what they consider “a deficient service of justice, added to the possible commission of crimes by that high body,” says Juárez Centeno, noting that “there is absolute laziness and parsimony that was more exposed during the quarantine. Despite being an essential service by itself, Justice has remained almost inactive. This can be seen more clearly in some jurisdictions, such as the Criminal Court, in which the judicial units work drop-wise and poorly, the processing of oral proceedings with the minimum procedural guarantees, the intervention of the state legal adviser to the detriment of the free intervention of the private lawyer and we could continue ”.

“In every claim action there is a political imprint, but we want to be strictly technical. We intend that all the questions that the lawyers already know by ear, translate it into a request for investigation for those who we consider that they are not fulfilling their work efficiently, “adds the lawyer.

For his part, Francisco Lavisse, member of the Professional Unit, emphasizes that “the common citizen must understand what is happening in Justice. One of the problems is the judicial delay: the longest period to appeal is 15 days. A judge to whom I had to make an appeal in three days, took nine months to resolve. ”

A Justice that fails. The list of anomalies that the group denounces is extensive and varied and includes: “Abnormalities throughout the processing of what is known as Megacausa, which would imply the nullity of more than a hundred convictions and trials, the excess in the issuance of resolutions that they are a matter of the Legislature, and also the excess in the use of the preventive prison, which although recognized as a valid institute, is required to be used as a last resort and not as the only resource. Here, the preventive prison becomes a clearly extortionary means to achieve convictions and a supposed success of the Justice, when in reality it shows just the opposite ”, stand out from the entity.

In the presentation they will also advance on the “irregularity that weighs on the President of the high body, who resolved various causes, having previously given instructions from the Attorney General’s Office and being the sister of the complainant.”

In this sense, María Marta Cáceres de Bollati and Sebastián López Peña are two of those targeted by the group, as well as the prosecutor José Gomez Demmel. “We consider that within the TSJ there are capable people, but in the named cases we are in the presence of a dubious scientific quality,” says Juárez Centeno.

What do they seek. Aware that the application of impeachment has almost no chance of prospering, the lawyers want to make the situation visible. In this sense, Juárez Centeno is emphatic: “Justice does not have an interest in Justice. It is a mere group administered by the State. We believe that there must be a rigorous process and control by the people. ”

From the Professional Unit, they consider that the Judicial Power acts with an important legitimation framework and from this it follows that not all members of the TSJ will be reached by the measure. But they insist on the need to make irregularities visible: “It’s like there have never been irregularities. And the pandemic put them in evidence, since supposedly this Justice improved with digital tools, but in reality it continues to be managed as it did 100 years ago, ”warn the group, to which Carlos Luján, Miguel Romero, Exequiel Gutiérrez, Luis Luján adhere. , Luis Obregón, Mario Gregorio, Enrique Fernández Quintana, David Ruíz, Santiago Macías, María Eugenia Reginatto, Horacio Meresman and Gonzalo Cortés Álvarez.


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