Barbara Pompili wants a moratorium

Barbara Pompili wants a moratorium

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The Amazon warehouse in Brétigny-sur-Orge.

Towards a freeze in the construction of new warehouses for e-commerce? The proposal is brought by the new Minister of Ecological Transition Barbara Pompili, who had signed a forum to this effect a few weeks ago before taking office. The decision has not yet been decided at government level, it said, confirming information from RTL.

In his policy speech Wednesday, Prime Minister Jean Castex pledged the establishment a moratorium for the installation of new shopping centers in peri-urban areas, “to fight against the artificialisation of soils”.

Revitalize town centers

The proposal of the new minister, who does not want to be “anti-e-commerce”, they say to the ministry, is linked to reasons of “coherence of public policies”, in order to fight against this urban sprawl and revitalize the town centers .

The new minister suggests the launch of a parliamentary mission, “in connection with Bercy”, to draw up an inventory of the economic and environmental impact of the development of logistics warehouses in France. A moratorium on new installations, the duration of which remains to be specified, would be imposed pending its results.

Asked by AFP, Amazon said Friday it did not have “specific information on a moratorium potential” concerning these deposits and declined to comment.

Amazon expecting

The American giant defends its role in terms of employment (30,000 direct and indirect jobs in France, including 9,300 direct out of the 200,000 in online commerce, according to a spokesperson).

The Syndicate of Independents (SDI), which represents in particular local merchants, for its part “welcomed” this proposal which would allow “a rebalancing” between downtown shops, outskirts and online commerce.

“This proposal, if supported by the government, will revitalize city centers and support the revival of local businesses. These have been hard hit by the health crisis and the social movements that preceded it, and they are today in an economic distress which leaves them unarmed in the face of competition from e-commerce players, “commented Marc Sanchez, Secretary General of SDI.

For Friends of the Earth, “Barbara Pompili’s announcement creates hope, but the battle for government is far from won.”

For the NGO, “a difference in treatment” between e-commerce warehouses and commercial areas would be “unjustified from a legal, economic and environmental point of view”.


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