Basque and Galician elections live

Basque and Galician elections live

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The electoral day begins in Galicia and the Basque Country. The regional elections were to be held on April 5, but were postponed to this Sunday 12th of July on the occasion of the crisis of coronavirus. Among strong security measures, Galicians and Basques will exercise their right to vote in elections marked by the outbreaks in both communities and by the threat of high abstention.

Last hour of the elections in Galicia and the Basque Country

20.00 The first polls confirm the victory of Urkullu and Feijóo, but the latter could lose the absolute majority

Alberto Núñez Feijóo and Íñigo Urkullu will continue to be president of the Xunta de Galicia and lehendakari, respectively, according to the electoral poll published at the closing of the electoral colleges. While the popular one could get its fourth absolute majority, the PNV candidate would need the PSOE votes again to continue leading the Basque Government.

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19.45 Married is already at the national headquarters of the PP to follow the electoral count of Galician and Basque

The leader of the PP, Pablo Casado, is already at the PP’s national headquarters in Madrid, to follow the electoral count of the Galician and Basque elections, the first appointment with the polls after Covid-19 and marked by the outbreaks of the virus in both autonomies, which has increased concern in the last days of the campaign.

Casado is in his office on the seventh floor of Genoa 13 from 19:15, where he will continue to scrutinize the elections with his team. In addition, he has been in contact with his two candidates throughout the day, according to sources from the PP leadership, who emphasize that there is “tranquility” within the party.

19.35 Vox denounces insults and attempted aggression against a representative in Galdakao

Vox has filed a complaint with the Ertzaintza for the insults and attempted aggression suffered by a party official when he was leaving a electoral college in Galdakao (Bizkaia) at noon on Sunday.

According to Ertzaintza sources, the incident occurred at 12:30 p.m. when the agent had just left the electoral college and was crossing Lehendakari Agirre Square, where a man insulted him, tried to attack him and fled the place.

Vox has reported the incident through a social network, in which it has published that “they have punched” their agent in Galdakao.

18.25 The Civil Guard intervenes in an electoral college in Culleredo

The Civil Guard has visited this Sunday on two occasions to an electoral college located in O Burgo, in Culleredo (A Coruña), due to discrepancies of a BNG representative regarding the organization of voting.

Sources close to the center consulted by Europa Press have specified that the events took place around 10.00 am, when the president of an electoral table located in the municipal conservatory contacted the Benemérita after being reprimanded on several occasions by a representative of the BNG due to aspects of the organization of voting.

18.04 The participation in the Basque Country elections is 36.02%, 8.36 points less than in 2016

The participation of Basque citizens in the electoral day of this July 12, until five in the afternoon, is 36.02%, which is 8.36 points less than that registered in the 2016 regional elections. hour, which stood at 44.38%, as reported in his third public appearance this Sunday, the Basque Minister of Security, Estefanía Beltrán de Heredia.

In Álava, at the same time, 33.21% of voters have already voted, which is 9.27 points less than four years ago, when it reached 42.48%, while in Bizkaia it has exercised its right to vote 36.4%, which represents 8.46 points less. Four years ago in this territory, at 17.00, 44.86% had gone to the polls. On the other hand, in Gipuzkoa, 36.67% of the electorate has already gone to the polls, which is 7.79 points less than on September 25, 2016, when 44.46 had come to vote at that time % of the census.

17.50 Galicia registers the same participation as in the 2016 elections

Participation in the elections to the Galician Parliament this Sunday amounted to 42.95% until 5:00 p.m., a percentage that is at levels similar to those of the autonomic ones in 2016, when it was 42.49% at the same time . This time he is 0.46 points above four years ago.

This has been indicated by the director general of Emergencies and Interior, Santiago Villanueva, in an appearance before the press to account for the evolution of election day.

Until 12 noon, participation reached 19.42 percent, a figure that was 4.41 points above that registered at this time in the electoral call four years ago.

15.06 The BNG denounces the transfer of the elderly to an electoral college despite prohibiting visits to their residence

The BNG has denounced the transfer of elderly people whose physical abilities are “diminished” to an electoral college in the Rairo area, in Ourense, despite visits to them being prohibited in the residence for the elderly in which they live. .

14.13 The Xunta de Galicia links the good participation figure – up to 12 o’clock it goes up four points with respect to 2016 – with the “maturity of the population”, who has seen that it is “a safe vote”.

14.06 Alcoa employees come to vote in their work suits

Dozens of Alcoa San Cibrao workers have come to vote in the autonomic elections this Sunday in different municipalities of A Mariña dressed in their work clothes to claim the continuity of the factory, on which much of the economy of the region depends. .

13.55 Gómez-Reino (Galicia en Común) expects an “important democratic mobilization” that “breaks with the past”

The Galician candidate in Común-Anova Mareas to the Presidency of the Xunta, Antón Gómez-Reino, has expected that on the electoral day of this Sunday an “important democratic mobilization” will take place that “breaks with the past” of the community.

This is what he said after voting this Sunday in A Coruña, where he stressed that the mobilization of citizens should take place “calmly” and “determined”, as well as that the regional elections represent an opportunity to “strengthen democracy”.

13.13 Participation in the Basque Country drops to 14% until 12 noon: 1.3 points less than in 2016

The participation of Basque citizens in the electoral day, until 12 noon, has risen to 14.1%, which is 1.3 points less than that registered in the 2016 regional elections at the same time, according to Informed in his second public appearance this Sunday, the Basque Minister for Security, Estefanía Beltrán de Heredia.

12.21 Participation in Galicia until 12 is 19.32%, four points more than in 2016 at the same time

The participation in Galicia until 12 noon this Sunday stands at 19.32%, four points more than in 2016 at the same time, when it was 15.01%.

By provinces, Ourense is the one that so far registers the highest participation data, with 21.49%. They are followed by A Coruña, with 18.71%, Lugo, 18.14% and Pontevedra, 19.80%.

In A Mariña, epicenter of regrowths in Galicia, participation until 12 is as follows:

– The Central Navy, 16.83%

– The Western Navy, 19.52%

– The Eastern Navy, 19.45%

12.13 The first data on participation in Galicia will be announced at 12:30 pm in a press conference to be offered by Santiago Villanueva, general director of Emergencies and Interior of the Xunta.


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