Because she wanted to enforce the mask requirement: bus driver beaten up in Darmstadt

Because she wanted to enforce the mask requirement: bus driver beaten up in Darmstadt

Instead of putting on masks, passengers insult a bus driver in Darmstadt. Then the situation escalates. This is not the first attack of its kind.

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In Darmstadt, a still unknown woman is said to have beaten a bus driver around 9 p.m. on Tuesday evening because she wanted to enforce the requirement to wear a mask on the bus. After several warnings from the bus driver, the suspect, who is said to be between 20 and 30 years old, is said to have hit several times at the end of the bus trip, the police said on Wednesday.

The woman got on at Darmstadt Central Station with three men and a child, and the passengers all had them no mouth-nose protection worn. After being warned several times about the obligation to wear a mask, they would have insulted the driver before the beatings occurred at the final stop.

Now the police are looking for witnesses. Darmstadt Mayor Jochen Partsch (Greens) condemned the incident: “The people to whom this violence is committed are representative of all of us, and they are doing their job to protect us all,” he said. “The currently increasing disrespect and violence against security forces, but also against fire departments, rescue and relief services and other employees in the public service must be stopped.”

A similar case had occurred in Oldenburg in mid-July. There too, a bus driver warned passengers that they were not wearing masks. When the argument escalated, the bus driver had taken one of the passengers into the headlock. Then the driver was hit by the men now he is unable to work.

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And a similar case made headlines in France as well. The bus driver who was beaten and kicked violently in BayonneBecause he wanted to enforce the mask requirement, was declared brain dead shortly afterwards. (mlk)

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