Bed occupation rises again and removes trade flexibility in BH

Bed occupation rises again and removes trade flexibility in BH

This Friday (3), at a press conference, the City of Belo Horizonte will decide whether to maintain, eases or further restricts commercial activity in the capital of Minas Gerais. Main parameters for the definition, the occupancy rates of the ICU and ward beds for patients with COVID-19, however, have gone up again.

In the case of wards, the rate has never been higher since the beginning of the pandemic: 73%, based on an assessment made by PBH this Wednesday (1st). With that, Belo Horizonte returned to the so-called red zone in this regard, since it exceeded the 70% mark.

In comparison with the previous survey, there were growth four percentage points.

And the increase took place against a backdrop of expanding the supply of clinical beds from Tuesday to Wednesday: nursing vacancies for those infected with the new coronavirus rose from 798 to 842.

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Bed occupation rose again in BH, both in intensive care and in the infirmary

Thus, in the current situation, Belo Horizonte has occupied 615 of the 842 clinical beds, those aimed at patients with flu syndrome – less severe clinical conditions of COVID-19. There are 227 wards left.

If the wards have returned to the red, the intensive care units remain in a state critical almost a month ago: since June 9th, municipal health only computes occupancy rates in excess of 70% in ICUs for COVID-19.

As for the most recent balance sheet, BH recorded an occupancy rate of 87%.

The numbers, as in the case of the wards, were calculated on Wednesday. They are two percentage points more than in the previous survey.

There are 331 intensive care places in the city. They host, in the most recent bulletin, 288 patients with syndrome severe acute respiratory disease, the most complicated clinical picture of the virus. There are 43 such beds in BH.

General framework

The city hall’s epidemiological bulletin also presents the situation regarding the occupancy of the ICU beds and general public health wards in BH. In this account, units for other diseases are also considered, not only for COVID-19.

In this scenario, the occupancy in the ICUs is 88%. Of the wards 69%. In comparison with the previous research, there was a variation of one percentage point more in intensive care. There was no change in the clinical beds.


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