“Better equipped even in case of bad case”


Coronavirus, Conte: “Better equipped even in case of bad case”

The coronavirus epidemic “has been a very difficult test for the whole country and for all citizens. In part it still is, even if now we are better equipped and the response of the health system will certainly be more ready, even in the case of bad things. ” The premier Giuseppe Conte said it, adding: “With some precautionary rules we can also face the summer season and the next one with relative tranquility”.

“We have reinforced our hospitals, We carried out many tests and we have more knowledge, more widespread. Yes is formed a culture about this virus that escaped us in the early days, “said the Prime Minister.

Despite the “tranquility” mentioned, Conte reiterates that ” we have to be careful, yes“And immediately afterwards he said firmly:” But there was never a time when I didn’t think that our institutions, so solid, could not stand up to this test. ”


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