Bierstrasse turns off the lights in protest

Bierstrasse turns off the lights in protest

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Our photo from July 12, 2020 shows the restaurant “Las Palmeras” in Mallorca.

Light off!

The corona virus has brought society to its knees for months. As a restaurateur, it is not easy at the time of mouth protection and minimum distance.

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Can the guests now enter? Or do they have to stay outside? Slowly even the most experienced pub innkeeper can no longer find a way out of the Corona hell.

That is the end of it – at least for a day!

Protest by the restaurateurs

Some hosts on the Bierstrasse, who can find holidaymakers on the Mallorcan Ballermann 7, have now decided together that they want to allow the usual “drinking traffic” until 7:00 pm on July 15 – after that it is the end of the day.

The pub owner of the restaurant “Et Dömsche Mallorca” said on Facebook:

The protective measures have been implemented to the best of our knowledge and belief, but the ongoing media and political pressure simply cannot do justice to them.

There was constant criticism, but there were enough other negative examples that you could take a closer look at, the local owner outraged in his Facebook post.

Numerous restaurateurs take part in the protest, in order to express their displeasure with the current situation and at the same time to sympathize with their battered gastronomy colleagues. (cw)


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