Binds to more five on the Democratic Party, M5s at 16% and FdI presses

Binds to more five on the Democratic Party, M5s at 16% and FdI presses

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We are in the height of summer, but not for this the politics and the “carousel of the polls” goes on vacation. The Italian political landscape does not navigate in calm waters, given the constant disagreements within the Giallorossi majority. At the end of September, however, the important electoral appointment of the administrative and regional authorities is set: if the center-right were to do the en plein (in Veneto, Liguria, Tuscany, Marche, Campania and Puglia) for the Conte-bis it could be the end. The last one poll that photographed the electoral consensus of the executive M5s-Pd-Iv-Leu is the Supermedia of Agi and YouTrend, which assigns a volume of 42.2% to the four political forces.

Compared to this center, the coalition of center it is much further, given that the Lega, Fratelli d’Italia and Forza Italia axis takes home 46.9% of the voting indications.

Turning to the survey numbers for individual parties, compared to two weeks ago, the Northern League by Matteo Salvini losing two tenths of a point on the street, but the formation most appreciated by the Italian population is confirmed, with 25.5% of favors.

Five points below (to be exact 4.9) here is the Democratic party, who does not lose and gain nothing in the past fifteen days. Behind the piddì of Nicola Zingaretti the 5 star movementalso stable at 16% split; this is a disappointing figure for the pentastellate, since they took 33% and broke the Policies of 4 March 2018 and 17% to the Europeans of May 2019.

According to the survey – which has put together the data collected in the last few days by Demopolis, Euromedia Research, Ixè, Swg and Tecnè – well Brothers of Italy. The reality of Giorgia Meloni falls just 0.1% and stands at 14.5%, thus keeping in close contact with the grillini.

Close to 7% Come on Italy by Silvio Berlusconi, registered at 6.9% of preferences. Five points below we find instead Italia Viva Matteo Renzi, which is the party that has recorded the worst performance in the last two weeks, given that Iv has lost three tenths of a point, going from 3.2% to 2.9% and still confirming himself unable to intercept the favors of the electorate .

Al 2,7% The left (stable), while growing by 0.3% Action by Carlo Calenda, who however remains relegated to a minor role. Below 2% + Europe by Emma Bonino and Benedetto Della Vedova, while i Verdi they do not go beyond 1.7%.


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