BNG soars as PNV and Bildu rise

BNG soars as PNV and Bildu rise

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Ana Pontón appreciates the signs of affection received these days

The regional elections held this Sunday in Galicia and the Basque Country have led to an improvement in nationalist parties compared to the past 2016 regional elections.

The great protagonist has been the Galician Nationalist Bloc (BNG). The training that leads Ana Pontón has achieved 13 more deputies than in the previous elections to place itself in the 19 seats, thus reissuing the overtaking to the PSdeG of 1997,

Galician nationalists have benefited from the rupture of the progressive coalition of En Marea, which removed 14 deputies in 2016 and which brought together, among others, Podemos, Esquerda Unida and Anova, who have been left out of the autonomous chamber with Galicia En Común,

In the Basque Country, the PNV, with 31 seats, three more than four years ago, and EH Bildu, with 21, also three more than in the previous electoral convocation, are the parties that have had the best evolution in the Basque elections.

Iñigo’s party Urkullu has won the elections again and has consolidated its upward trend benefited by the PP-Cs Coalition Failed Experiment while EH Bildu remains a second force under the baton of Maddalen Iriarte.

It was not long before the good results of the nationalist parties were celebrated in Brussels by the former president of the Generalitat Carles Puigdemont, who has affirmed that the results of the Basque and Galician elections “credit the strength of nationalists, sovereignists and nationalists, and the decline of the Spanish government bloc “.

“A part sinks in Euskadi and disappears in Galicia, and the other does not take flight, “he said on Twitter. And he congratulated the parties:” Parabéns ao BNG, zorionak PNV eta EH Bildu. ”


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