Bolsonaro, the Brazilian President who limited human rights and prohibited lockdown

Bolsonaro, the Brazilian President who limited human rights and prohibited lockdown

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Bolsonaro, the Brazilian President who limited human rights and prohibited lockdown

The news of his positivity to Coronavirus quickly went around the world. Anticipated by the local Brazilian media, he himself confirmed this during a television intervention. Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro has made it clear that his health is good, that “his lungs are clean and I would also go for a walk if I could.” An admission that causes a sensation in a country where, precisely at the behest of the far-right leader, lockdown measures have never been adopted, condemning tens of thousands of people to death.

The “Lava Jato” investigation, the attack and the appointment as President – Bolsonaro’s rise as leader of the green-gold country begins in 2018, after the outgoing President Michel Temer and the ex-head of state and rival in the elections Luiz Lula they are both indicted in the scandal ” Car wash“(car wash in Portuguese). The operation, which began in 2014, brought to light a round of bribes within the state-owned oil company Petrobas.

The murder attempt the ex-captain of the army, which took place less than a month before the elections, prevents the candidate President from continuing the election campaign, but at the same time sees his consent grow unexpectedly. Bolsonaro is elected as candidate of the Social-Liberal Party and begins his term on January 1, 2019.

Anti LGBT laws and Amazon fires – A mandate based on meritocracy and conservatism. As soon as he settled, Bolsonaro promoted actions aimed at decrease the freedom of homosexual, bisexual and transgender people, attracting the wrath of many international associations. It eliminated any representative of the LGBT community from national politics and deleted the country’s guidelines for promoting diversity.

The Verdeoro head of state has repeatedly expressed his appreciation for the military dictatorship and the use of the torture, coming to propose (when still deputy) the reintroduction of the death penalty.

Inclined to a very aggressive economic policy, Bolsonaro raised the minimum wage from 954 to 998 Brazilian reals in the first months of his term. It also approved the sale of 700,000 state-owned properties.

One of the major political problems with which Bolsonaro has faced is the case of the fire who devastated l ‘Amazon in the summer of 2019. The President has always been in favor of greater exploitation of the natural resources present on Brazilian soil, accused of being too light in dealing with the issue. he reacted by accusing the domestic and foreign press of subversive propaganda against him,

The support for Guaidò and the extradition of Cesare Battisti – Nicknamed the “Brazilian Trump”, Bolsonaro has aligned himself with the President of the United States in supporting the Venezuelan’s interim government Juan Guaidò, which since March 2019 challenges the power of the formally elected President Nicholas Mature.

The Brazilian head of state has always been in good relations with the secretary of the league Matteo Salvini. During his election campaign, Bolsonaro had repeatedly made known his willingness to proceed with the extradition of the Italian criminal Cesare Battisti. The operation was possible in January 2019, after the red terrorist was found in Bolivia and immediately transferred to Italian territory.

The pandemic and the health crisis – A convinced denialist, the Brazilian leader has repeatedly found himself in conflict with the federal governors of Brazil on the issue Covid19. Initially defined by Bolsonaro as a “fever”, the virus in the verdeoro country has passed the million infections, giving rise to a real health emergency. The refusal to impose social distancing or lockdown, but also only the use of the mask, has critically influenced the spread of the virus. Since the start of the pandemic, two health ministers, Luiz Henrique Mandetta e Nelson Tech, have resigned due to strong disagreements with the President regarding emergency management.

Despite the exponential increase in cases, especially in the months of May and June, Bolsonaro has always shown himself concerned only with the economic losses caused by a possible lockdown. For this reason, more and more people in Brazil have decided to take to the streets to ask for them resignation of the president.


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