Bucci, inauguration between 1 and 5 August

Bucci, inauguration between 1 and 5 August

Ponte Genova: Bucci, inauguration between 1 and 5 August

(ANSA) – GENOA, JULY 20 – “We have further narrowed the possible interval for the inauguration of the new bridge, which will take place on a day between 1 and 5 August”. This was said by the mayor of Genoa and commissioner for the reconstruction of the viaduct on the Polcevera, Marco Bucci, this morning on the sidelines of the ceremony to change the direction of the hydrographic institute of the Navy. “Static testing is underway, things are going well and there are no obstacles – continues Bucci – today we will carry on a dialogue with the Presidency of the Republic to understand what the best day could be”. On the controversies related to the press reports on the limit of 70 km / h and on the definition of the bridge as “out of the norm”, then, Bucci replies harshly: “I expect the controversies, but at least they should be based on real facts, read in the newspapers that the bridge is out of the norm is really ridiculous – he says – first of all because it is not true but then because I would like to tell those who write these things to inquire and read the reports that are published on the website of the commissioner, to say that it is the bridge out of norm it is a falsehood and everyone must be responsible for what they say “. (HANDLE).


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