Can i go back to my city

Can i go back to my city

A man wearing a mask in his car.

In the most atypical summer of the last decades, many Spaniards organize their holidays with fear of possible outbreaks in their vacation spots. More than 13 Autonomous Communities have registered small sources of contagion and in Catalonia they have already taken the first step to stop them, forcing all citizens to wear a mask under a fine of 100 euros for those who refuse.

9. Nida Beach (Lithuania)

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9. Nida Beach (Lithuania)

Many Spaniards will travel to different parts of the peninsula in the months of July and August, but doubts arise as to how to act according to the different scenarios, particularly if you have symptoms being many kilometers from the place of residence.

If we are enjoying the vacations in another place different from the one of the residence and I notice tiredness, fever or respiratory difficulties, the first step that must be taken is the one of the isolation, affirm sanitary sources to 20Minutos. Avoiding close contact with anyone and separating in a room are examples of effective measures.

Once isolated, before going physically it is recommended to call the municipal ambulatory and there the health authorities will establish the protocol. PCR tests are carried out, the results of which usually take between 24 and 48 hours, and it is requested that they maintain voluntary isolation in the municipality until they are known.

Traveling back home can pose a risk since the virus may be present and would be transporting. When in doubt about how to act, it is always better to phone.

According to the decisions imposed in places like Lleida or Lugo, the communities will give a margin of time so that non-residents and tourists can leave the area. In any case, the decision depends on each Autonomous Community, so you will have to assess this measure according to the level of progress of the virus and the rate of contagion registered.

In any case, the health authorities recommend go to the health center with the minimum presence of symptoms to assess if you have the virus. To leave the municipality would be to risk being able to travel with the Covid-19 to other destinations.

After presenting symptoms and going to the health center, you will not be able to leave the municipality until you have the results, which usually takes 24 to 48 hours. In case of negative, the displacement will be allowed anywhere. If positive, the action protocol would be activated and it would not be allowed to leave the town.

Pedro Sánchez asked the regional presidents during the state of alarm for a list of available public spaces, where asymptomatic positive cases could be isolated. Sports centers, congress halls or hostels were what was sought to accommodate these people. However, there have been no developments in this regard since then, and there appears to be no intention to reimpose selective confinement.

A measure that is considered from Health, and that the Fernando Simón admitted it’s another “horse of battle”, is to create a map with the places where you can welcome and attend to these positive non-resident cases by area.

Regarding the PCR tests, the Ministry of Health has made it clear that there is no capacity or justification to test each person crossing a border, either between countries or between communities. One of the options being considered is that of temperature measurements, but there is still nothing confirmed about it.


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