CC arrested in Piacenza, Dda Milano: “Excluding ties with ‘ndrangheta”

only one soldier did not act with the gang


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CC arrested in Piacenza, Dda Milano: “Excluding ties with ‘ndrangheta”

The six carabinieri of the Levante barracks arrested in Piacenza have no connection with the ‘Ndrangheta. From the investigations of the Milan DDA, to which the documents on the supply of hashish and marijuana in the Milanese were sent on an accrual basis, there is no contact with the Locride edicts. Even the warehouse in Gaggiano, where supplies of light drugs took place, is not managed by organized crime.

The hypothesis of the link with the 'ndrine was born from some intercepted dialogues including, for example, the conversation in which the policeman Giuseppe Montella, speaking with his partner Maria Luisa Cattaneo, defines "Calabrese" and "big guys "the interlocutors of Daniele Giardino, who - according to the accusation - was  

narcotic supplier. The cards also revealed the latter’s fear of possible retaliation by suppliers.

The warranty interrogations were exhausted on Tuesday, with the over four hours of statements by Major Stefano Bezzeccheri who oversaw the Levante station, investigations into the Odysseus investigation continue.  And, starting from what emerged from the same interrogations, it is not excluded that other people can be registered in the register of suspects and therefore heard. 

Meanwhile, the Interior Minister Luciana Lamorgese has stigmatized the events of Piacenza, called the case "an incredible episode, which undermined what was a garrison of legality which instead became the spectrum of illegal and unacceptable activities by members to police force. "  Above all, he stressed referring to the six arrested soldiers, these are people "not worthy of being part of the weapon" and whose activity, however, must not cast a shadow over the entire institution, which is "healthy" and on the territory "helps in daily activities and works to fight crime ". 

And Defense Minister Lorenzo Guerini reiterated how, in agreement with the General Headquarters of the Armed Forces, an internal investigation has been launched into the Piacenza case. "Operation aimed at ascertaining not only what actually happened, but also any critical elements ; in control and verification systems ".  The Arma, specified Guerini, ordered the precautionary suspension from employment against the soldiers affected by the judicial order, initiating the disciplinary assessment of the facts to adopt rigorous measures ". As for the top management, the provincial commander and the other commanders of the headquarters , "regardless of their possible involvement in the facts subject to criminal investigation", their destination to other positions was decided primarily "in the interest of the institution" and then to  

return to Piacenza and its citizens the most regular and serene performance of the service activity “.


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