Charities cry out for help to survive COVID-19

Charities cry out for help to survive COVID-19

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OTTAWA – The federal government is receiving more and more calls for help from charities and non-profit organizations (NPOs) across the country, as the financial health of these entities is severely affected by the pandemic. COVID-19.

Large organizations such as YMCA Canada and Youth Lairies of Canada both say they are facing serious financial difficulties as demand for their services, such as child care and food aid, has surged due to the pandemic.

Although the federal government has already included NPOs in its assistance programs, notably in the area of ​​wage subsidies and assistance with rent payments, the organizations maintain that this is barely enough to make ends meet.

A YMCA center has already closed for good in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, and Kids’ Repairs of Canada has closed its operations in Edson, Alberta.

According to Cardus, a think tank specializing in the field of charities, the federal government should consider paying NPOs an equivalent amount for each donation made by Canadians.

However, this measure would leave many organizations in the plan, according to the leaders of the YMCA and of Youth Pairs of Canada. Ultimately, they say, they need direct help from Ottawa to help them survive the health crisis.

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