Children at school without a mask, but no games brought from home

Children at school without a mask, but no games brought from home

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No obligation for children of kindergartens to wear a mask, which must instead be worn by the staff on duty, who may also be asked to use how many and protective devices for eyes, face and mucous membranes, in carrying out the various activities including changing diapers. Green light to snack at home, albeit under certain conditions: that is, if the structure does not provide it and “provided that the food, drink and container are always identifiable as belonging to the individual child”. The guidelines for nursery schools in the 0/6 range provide for this, prepared by the inter-ministerial table coordinated by the Deputy Minister of Education Anna Ascani, who today received the ok of the Unified Conference.

“The use of the spaces dedicated to school meals – reads the document – must be organized in such a way as to avoid crowding the premises intended for it, unless the size of the environment makes it possible to keep the groups properly separated. Vice versa, it will be possible to foresee shifts of presence of the groups, or it will be possible to consume the meal in the classrooms or in the spaces used for the ordinary activities, guaranteeing the proper aeration and sanitization of the environments and furnishings used before and after the consumption of the meal “.

Distance and sanitation also for the afternoon “bedtime”. “The resting space, where present, must be organized ensuring thorough cleaning of linen and spaces and correct and constant ventilation, before and after use”.

However, the division into groups that do not mix with each other is fundamental. The island or bubble system. In order to prevent the virus from spreading in the event of a possible infection in a group of children. And it would be appropriate, say the guidelines, to have spaces dedicated to hosting children and / or operators with “suspected symptoms”.

“It is necessary to organize the rooms in structured areas, respecting the needs of the age group, also through a different arrangement of the furnishings, so that the daily experiences proposed can be carried out, respecting the principle of non-intersection between different groups, using recreational educational material , frequently cleaned objects and toys, assigned exclusively to specific groups / sections and in any case cleaned in the event of their use being transferred to different children “. But it will not be allowed (except in exceptional cases) to bring the games from home.

A chapter of the guidelines from 0-6 approved during the State-Regions conference concerns, then, “reception and reunification”. Each child can be accompanied by a single parent. “Compatibly with the spaces available, it is preferable – reads – to organize the reception area outside, enforcing the distance between adults and avoiding gatherings by carers. Where possible, the entry points must be differentiated from the exit, with identification of obligatory routes, and possibly using staggered entrances and exits “.

“Access must take place through the accompaniment by a single parent or an adult delegated by the parents, in compliance with the general rules of prevention of contagion, including the use of the mask during the whole stay inside the structure” .


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