Chilean or cerol lines killed two people in Minas Gerais alone in June

Chilean or cerol lines killed two people in Minas Gerais alone in June

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Play can take place safely without sharp lines, which are prohibited and can result in penalties for those who sell and those who use

As health eyes focus on the risks of the new coronavirus pandemic, another threat in the air in Belo Horizonte and the metropolitan region: the use of wax and yes Chilean line. Figures raised by the State of Minas show that the assistance to victims in May already exceeds the total of the first five months of last year. The sudden increase in the indices may be linked to reflexes of Quarantine. Without face-to-face classes, children and adolescents have broken the social isolation recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) to release parrots, many of them making play a weapon, which caused at least two deaths in Minas in less than five days in early June, one in Montes Claros and another in Bocaiúva, both in the North of Minas. According to the Minas Gerais State Hospital Foundation (Fhemig), last year, the Hospital João XXIII made four visits to victims of accidents with Chilean line between January and May. In May this year alone, there were six visits, exceeding all the first five months of 2019. There was also one patient in January and two in April. In June, the rate dropped: there were seven calls this year, compared to 13 in the same month last year, still a high volume, at a time that should be of social isolation and when traffic is reduced. And this considering only the most serious cases, which arrived at the main emergency care unit in the capital. Despite the reduction, the alert persists in the air – just look at the sky to perceive it – and the marks caused by cerol remain for the rest of your life. It happened with Luan Moreira. The 27-year-old delivery man was traveling on the afternoon of May 6 through the Jardim Laguna neighborhood, in Contagem, in Grande BH, where he lives, when he was surprised by a sharp line. Luan, who was transporting parcels to his mother, who owns a candy studio, says that the motorcycle’s protective antenna, the help of neighbors and the quick action of the Mobile Emergency Service (Samu) made a difference. “Suddenly, I felt a chill in my spine. It was fast, but there was time to see the antenna breaking to my side. It looks like the line ran through it first before it hit me. The line comes as if it were a whip. I didn’t take it off my neck, it kind of passed. It looks like it was at the end, so it cut little on the left side and on the right it cut more ”, says the rider. “At the time I stopped the bike, tried to lower the rest, I saw that it was bleeding a lot. I got off the bike and put my hand on my neck. I lay on the floor and called a guy who was passing by on the street. At the same time the neighbors came and called Samu. God always in front, but I think Samu’s assistance helped a lot ”, he added.

Rotate, now only at night

Luan was taken to the Municipal Hospital of Contagem. There, he received 35 points. With the recent removal of the stitches, the boy gradually tries to resume the routine on two wheels. But, for now, it only travels at night, when there are no kites in the sky. “I take the Expressway straight. Sometimes, I was afraid that the line would fall and give that ‘belly’, because it was wide. In the neighborhood I never thought it could happen, because of the posts that are close to the houses ”, he said. A line also crossed Gabriel Nascimento’s path. The case of the 16-year-old teenager, which occurred in July last year, caused great repercussion. At the time, Gabriel was walking on the sidewalk in Betim, in Grande BH, after leaving a football match, when he was hit by the line, which was attached to a bus. The young man had one leg amputated, but still did not give up the dream of being a player. The teenager had the help of a nurse who was passing by Avenida José Inácio Filho, where the accident occurred, and the Samu team for first aid. Then he spent a week in the Municipal Hospital of Betim. “When he cut me, I had no reaction at all. When I lay on the floor, nothing happened. I started asking God to get rid of me, to help me, not to lose my leg. It ended up happening, ”he says. “Everything is fine now, thank God. With the pandemic, I stopped training, but everything is fine ”, he says.

Combat challenges city guards

In Belo Horizonte, the city develops the campaign Cerol Mata!, through the Municipal Guard, to prevent and combat the use of wax and Chilean lines. The actions are for education and repression of the use of sharp lines, but, with social isolation and schools closed, agents were displaced to inspect irregularly opened points of commerce in the capital. Without face-to-face classes, children and teenagers started this year earlier to fly kites and kites, a game that usually intensifies during school holidays. Agent Éder Gotelipe, who is part of the campaign team, noted that the kite movement started in early May, unlike other years. “This game starts with the incidence of strong winds, usually in the middle of June and July, which coincides with school holidays. With schools closed and more people at home, one of the alternatives was to free kites, ”he said. The result has been showing up in health services.

Game that can turn into crime and death: the use of sharp lines is prohibited and represents a risk not only for cyclists and motorcyclists, but even for pedestrians

© Leandro Couri / EM / DA Press
Game that can turn into crime and death: the use of sharp lines is prohibited and represents a risk not only for cyclists and motorcyclists, but even for pedestrians

The agent remembers that it is not wrong to play, but points out that it is a crime to use sharp lines. “Unfortunately, many people have used sharp materials, which, in addition to being a crime, puts many people’s lives at risk”, emphasizes Gotelipe. “The parrot is an ancient game, we even encourage it, because it passes from father to son, but you have to use white line, so as not to cause accidents.” The agent highlights the severity of injuries that can occur. “These lines have a very large cutting power, which can lead to death or amputation of limbs”, warns Gotelipe. According to him, in parallel to the inspection actions, the Municipal Guard guides motorcyclists during the blitzes regarding the use of antenna and, when the corporation catches irregular lines, the material is seized. On May 23, an approach carried out in Bairro Tirol, in Barreiro, resulted in the referral of a man to the Central de Arragantes of the Civil Police, for resistance to the approach and contempt. A commercial establishment was closed because it was selling a Chilean line and 38 cans of sharp material were seized. “In addition to the actions of COVID-19, which is our focus today, we have been trying to raise awareness,” said the guard. In 2018, 15 occurrences related to cutting lines were recorded, with 162 cans seized with lines of wax or Chilean lines. In 2019, four occurrences were recorded by the corporation. There were no arrests because, according to the Municipal Guard, it is common for offenders to abandon the material and flee when they see the agents.

Big BH

In Contagem, in the Belo Horizonte Metropolitan Region, the Civil Guard launched an operation to combat trade and the use of Chilean cerol and line on May 26. Since then, agents have seized 832 spools of Chilean or cerol thread, in addition to promoting 2,281 preventive actions. According to the city hall, the people found with the material are guided. There, prevention operations have no end date. “Commercial establishments and people flying kites or kites will be inspected. The population can help by calling 153, so that the Civil Guard can go to the site to check the materials that are being used ”, informs the city. In Betim, until May, the Municipal Guard had seized 40 spools of sharp lines. The highest incidence of cases, according to the corporation, is during weekends. In June, 538 approaches were carried out by all regional offices in the city, which resulted in the seizure of 346 reels of sharp lines.

Stay tuned

Using wax is a crime and kills

Anyone caught selling sharp lines can be fined. The use of these lines is a crime with a penalty ranging from three months to one year in prison. If the offender is a minor, parents can be held responsible

report it

If you catch someone using or know who sells sharp lines (with wax or Chilean thread), report it: call 153 (Municipal Guard) or 190 (Military Police)

To play safely

»Never use sharp lines» Pay extra attention to motorcyclists and cyclists – the line, even without wax, is very dangerous for them »Never fly kites on rainy days» Avoid playing near the power supply. Prioritize open places, such as squares and parks »Do not fly a kite on top of slabs and roofs» Avoid using kites with rabiola. Most of the time it is the one that is attached to the wires »Never try to take the kite out if it gets caught in the electrical network» Avoid busy streets and places, to reduce the risk of accidents

Rising danger

Assistance to victims of cutting-edge accidents at João XXIII Hospital in the first five months of the year

2019January 2May 2

2020January 1April 2May 6

Source: Belo Horizonte City Hall


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