CHP took the bar association arrangement to AYM

CHP took the bar association arrangement to AYM

CHP took the bar association arrangement to AYM

The CHP applied to the Constitutional Court (AYM) for the annulment of the Law of Attorney, known as bar association. Engin Altay, Deputy Chairman of the CHP Group, said, “We demanded the cancellation of these 21 articles. We asked for the cancellation of the entire offer due to the violation of the internal regulations”.

Engin Altay, Deputy Chairman of the CHP Group, announced that they applied to the Constitutional Court for the cancellation of the bar association arrangement. Altay said in a statement:

“It is about the cancellation of provisions for polarization and separation of the nation. This law is 28 articles, we demanded the cancellation of this article 21. This is not a common situation. It contains 21 articles since it is related to articles 15 and 18. Article 88 of the Constitution The internal statute is broken, the internal regulation is broken, and the commission has been collected. We call it a violation of the active internal regulation. We know that these are non-existent.

We have an objection to Article 15. This is the ability of 2 thousand lawyers to establish bar associations. The duty of the bar associations is to defend the rule of law and human rights. In our country, it is the provinces understood from the jurisdiction. There are no examples of two barons in the same jurisdiction. 23 bar associations can be established in Istanbul, 8 in Ankara and 4 in İzmir. It can be said ‘what is there’. The ideological, economic and political rivalry between bar associations eliminates discipline. In addition, the bar associations that will be formed through different religious, ethnic, ideological and even lifestyle transform the courthouses into a center of conflict.



The Supreme Court has a large case-law pool. I will leave here with a 100 percent faith that this application will be accepted. “


Turkey Bar Association (TBB) has sent the report prepared on the unconstitutionality of the multi-bar arrangement CHP.

According to the statement made by the TBB, a delegation of academicians who were experts in their fields, in accordance with the decision of the TBB Board of Directors, examined the new regulation on the “Law on Laws and Amendments to Some Laws” in detail.

In the report, which was stated to be against the Constitution of the multi-baron, the relevant decisions of the Constitutional Court were included.

In the report, it was determined that the multi-baron was in violation of the principle of professional solidarity in article 135 of the Constitution, that the defense was a founding element of the judiciary and that it would weaken the defense.

In the report, the new rate for the bar associations represented at the General Assembly of the Union of Bar Associations of Turkey was expressed to be metered.

The report, which was prepared with the signature of the Academic Working Group President, Sabri Çepik, created by the TBB Board of Directors, was presented to the CHP Assembly Group Presidency by the TBB Secretary General, Sabiha Tekin, to be discussed in the Constitutional Court.


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