Clan Senese, no to Diabolik’s aid for the radio spots of their premises

Clan Senese, no to Diabolik's aid for the radio spots of their premises

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Clan Senese, no to Diabolik’s aid for the radio spots of their premises

Always on the edge. Not very welcome Fabrizio Piscitelli from the clan Senese. From Michele’s protégé or madman, the boss, to a person he didn’t want to deal with was a short step. And so when Angelo Senese, Michele’s brother, seeks a hand to get discounts from Roman sports radio, to advertise his Da Baffo restaurant, he categorically excludes help from Diabolik.

The conversation, intercepted by the mobile team and the currency of the finance guard, is from November 2017. Marco Turchetta, another leading figure of the Roman and ultras crime of Lazio, asks if Piscitelli can be asked to intervene. “What do you want to talk to the Witch (another nickname of Piscitelli, ed)”, Turchetta wonders. Senese replies evasively, declining the offer of his interlocutor: «No look, no. Do you know what is there? I don’t want to get in the way ». And then he adds: «Because then there is the one half way behind (Piscitelli, ed.). I do not feel like”. Total closure.

But in addition to money laundering in the restaurants, the Sienese were also very active in the face of robberies, blows to banks or post offices.

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The director of this operation is Vincenzo Senese, son of the boss. In practice, he asks Massimiliano Barretta for assistance. There is a battery of robbers ready to move across Italy. “I need some support for the December period for robberies to steal.” The group of bandits, assures Senese, are “serious people, I talk to them before I get them up.” They are three, who must sleep. “

Obviously nothing is done for free is a cover that guarantees anonymity must be rewarded, “but then what they do – assures Senese – they must give us a stick.” “Those – underlines the son of ‘or madman – are old-fashioned respect. ” Barretta sniffs the deal and not only proves ready to find the locations but also suggests a hit to score: «I have a part where they can take 250 thousand euros, in Aulla there is a freight forwarder, he has his house inside. .. “.

The Senese, emerges from the investigation, had several supply channels: sale of drugs, robberies and usury. A business reinvested in premises or transferred to Switzerland. Or hidden somewhere. Ready for use in cash: “But what assets do these hold here?” “They are not counted,” replies Vincenzo Buonaiuro.


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