Clashes in Sonora leave two dead

Clashes in Sonora leave two dead

SONORA.- Armed confrontations between criminal groups left two alleged criminals dead, an injured civilian and dozens of damaged vehicles on the Altar-Caborca ​​highway in Sonora.

On Sunday morning, carriers denounced long lines of private cars and cargo trucks with burst tires on social media due to metal spikes that had been scattered on the road prior to the shootings.

“Unfortunately, the hired killers are punching out the tires, they threw anchors to the ground and 80 percent of the cars that are here have the tires punctured. Truckers, truck drivers, private individuals, cars overturned; It is a world of war, “says a driver in one of the videos where they show the damage.

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Judge orders to release ‘El Mochomo’ … but it will remain rooted The vehicles that were traveling on the federal highway were left in the crossfire, a man who was traveling with his family from Nogales to Puerto Peñasco was injured and was transferred to receive medical attention to a hospital where the authorities report him as stable.

In the morning, corporations from the three orders of government came to the place, who, according to the Coordination Table for Peace and Security of the State of Sonora, located the bodies of Jesús Adolfo “N”, 21, from Mazatlán, Sinaloa. , and another person who has not been identified so far.

While touring the area, they found a 16-year-old minor from Pueblo Nuevo, Durango, wounded and hidden in the bush, whose involvement in the events is under investigation.

After processing the scene, the authorities secured a drag of 25 pineapples, rims, a 9-millimeter caliber short weapon and two long weapons, an AR-15 and an AK-47 rifle, as well as a tactical vest with several supplied chargers, and a van. that had several bullet wounds and has a report of theft in Arizona, United States.

The Coordination Table affirms that surveillance operations are being carried out in the region by members of the Sedena, the Navy, the National Guard, the Federal Police, municipal and state police, and elements of the Ministerial Agency for Criminal Investigation (AMIC) .




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