“closed” Formula 1 ruins Hungary


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Formula 1 without spectators.

Indeed, with the spectators, but in front of the television.

It goes like this, even for the historian Hungarian Grand Prix, 35 editions on the Hungaroring circuit, in Budapest.

Klaudia and Dénes watch TV win Lewis Hamilton.

Klaudia and Dénes have seen all the Hungarian Grand Prix of the past 5 years of people. But now they had to choose a comfortable sofa instead of the stands.

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Dénes was a car driver, the couple’s apartment is full of Formula 1 memorabilia.

“Missed” honeymoon: it will be for the next year

However, missing the Grand Prix is ​​not the only problem that caused them Coronavirus.

Klaudia Maczali explains:

We got married two weeks ago and had planned a one-of-a-kind honeymoon: to visit as many F1 Grands Prix as possible. And instead…”.

Due to the closure of the borders, this plan has failed miserably since the start.

“The pilots are untouchable”

Two months ago the management of the Hungaroring agreed on the conditions of the organization of the race. This time the race was held behind closed doors.

According to the CEO, Zsolt Gyulay, they respected the strictest epidemiological regulations: the teams arrived with less staff, anyone can approach the track only after two negative tests, and separate passages have been built for the pilots.

Comment by Zsolt Gyulay, CEO dell’Hungaroring:

Fans look down

Although police patrols around Hungaroring tried to prevent the rally, F1 fans gathered every day on the nearby hill to watch the binoculars race and hear the roar of the engines.

Miklós Mezősi is a student: “I have followed all Formula 1 since I was a child. I used to go to the stands once, but now with the doors closed we can watch the race right from here”.

200,000 spectators and 86 million euros less

Last year, state-owned Hungaroring had around two and a half billion Hungarian forints (7 million euros) of revenue from ticket sales. If we add to this the effects of tourism, it contributes 30 billion florins every year (€ 86 million) to Hungary’s GDP.

Euronews Hungary journalist Zoltán Siposhegyi, explains:

“The 200,000 spectators are missing! They are missing on the track, they are missing on the stands, but much more in the Hungarian hotels and restaurants. The” closed “Grand Prix has caused a loss of billions of florins to the Magyar tourism economy.”


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