Consumption in France is almost normal, says Le Maire

Consumption in France is almost normal, says Le Maire

FRANCE-ECONOMY-LE-MAIRE: Consumption in France is almost normal, says Le Maire

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PARIS (Reuters) – Consumption in France has almost returned to its normal level after the collapse caused by the crisis linked to the new coronavirus, Bruno Le Maire said on Monday.

“Consumption resumes. A few weeks ago, we were at least 30% of consumption in France, today we are just at least 5%. We have almost returned to normal”, said the Minister of Economy on RTL.

Asked about the extent of the economic recovery plan that the government intends to present at the start of the school year, and the hypothesis that its amount reaches up to 100 billion euros, Bruno Le Maire replied: “It can go very high so up ‘to numbers you specify. “

The Minister of the Economy said he was in favor of lowering production taxes and ruled out any generalized drop in VAT, which did not create jobs, he said.

He did not rule out the creation of subsidized jobs to encourage the entry of young people into the labor market, while the sudden cessation of activity in the spring may cause unemployment to spike by the end of the year.

“I think that the subsidized jobs have not proved their effectiveness in the long term. We will see (…) where we are at the end of the year (…). The hardest part is before us (…) I do not rule out any option “, said Bruno Le Maire, stressing that a plan in favor of youth employment, which he did not want to quantify, would be presented this week by the government.

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