“Costa didn’t want us to be sad”


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Daniela Katzenberger and Lucas Cordalis have been married since 2016.

“I always hear his voice, his laugh. We miss him so much!” Daniela Katzenberger commemorates her late father-in-law Costa Cordalis on the first day of her death.

On July 2nd, the death of Schlager legend Costa Cordalis (“Anita”) for the first time. The singer died in summer 2019 at the age of 75 from organ failure. His daughter-in-law Daniela Katzenberger (33) recalls the difficult past year in an interview with the spot on news news agency. The TV blonde has been married to Lucas Cordalis (52) since 2016, together they have daughter Sophia (4). “We talked a lot to each other and gave each other support.” They want to spend today’s anniversary of death with widow Ingrid in a small family.

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How will you spend the first anniversary of the death of Costa Cordalis?

Daniela Katzenberger: We will spend the day with Ingrid. In a small group with the family. Costa would have wanted it that way. The family was always the most important to him and he tried every opportunity to gather everyone around one table. And he would have wanted us not to be sad, but to think of the beautiful things in life.

How many times do you have to think about your late father-in-law?

Katzenberger: Often. I think of him when I drive to Ingrid and open the front door. Memories come up of how Costa opened the door and greeted us, especially Sophia. I always hear his voice, his laugh. We miss him so much. But he’s always with us, just different. And he protects us, I’m sure of it.

How did you help your husband Lucas through this difficult time?

Katzenberger: We talked a lot to each other and gave each other support. Knowing that you can always rely on your partner helps a lot. No matter how hard the time is. And not only should you ponder and mourn, you should also remember the beautiful. Costa has always believed in life, not concerned with death. He was always positive and so is Lucas. He is entirely his father’s son.

Does your daughter sometimes ask about your grandfather?

Katzenberger: Of course Sophia misses her grandfather and when she sees pictures of Ingrid, she asks about him. We tell her that he is in heaven and is always there, watching over Sophia and taking care of her. She always wants to wave him off the plane when we fly above the clouds.

What do you remember about him?

Katzenberger: His good mood and optimism. Costa always believed in the good, always looked ahead. He often said: “Danilein, let people talk, everyone has their own life.” He gave me strength and strength and above all love. I want to pass that on.


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