Cristian Suescun’s girlfriend admits being very hurt with him

Cristian Suescun's girlfriend admits being very hurt with him

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  • Jessica explains how she feels after “the fooling around” of Cristian and Yola
  • Cristian Suescun’s girlfriend acknowledges being hurt by Maite and Sofia

The Cristian Suescun’s girlfriendJessica has broken her silence and has decided to make a statement in ‘Saturday Deluxe’ to explain how she feels after seeing the behavior her boy is having in ‘The Strong House’ with Yola Berrocal. He aenclosure between both contestants It is something that has been a subject of debate throughout the program and, in fact, even his own reality mates decided to boycott a dinner between the two to support Jessica and remind Cristian that his girl is waiting for him outside and that “he should respect her” .

Jessica 'Deluxe Saturday'

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Jessica ‘Deluxe Saturday’

Now, Jessica has spoken to tell that not only is she angry with her boy, but she has also been bothered by the attitude of Maite Galdeano and Sofía Suescun. “My boyfriend is not respecting me and neither is my mother-in-law,” she explained. Jessica has confessed that she does not understand Cristian’s attitude within the program. “They have a strange game that I do not understand and that makes me sad,” he confessed.

Also, the girlfriend of Cristian Suescun She has admitted that it hurts her a lot to see the kisses and massages that her boy has had with Yola Berrocal because “he cares a lot”. One of the gestures that bothered him the most was seeing how he kissed her hand, since eso is something that “just did to her”. However, despite being very hurt, it seems that she has not closed her relationship and still continues to talk about him as her boyfriend.

Cristian Sabado's girlfriend deluxe

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Cristian Sabado’s girlfriend deluxe

As for Sofía Suescun, Jessica has shown this very hurt to see that she only sent him a message “because Sonsoles put him in a compromise”. For her part, Maite Galdeano’s daughter wanted to defend herself, explaining that after that she spoke again. “Also, she did not write to me after the bad time I had with the robbery,” he stressed.


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