Cultural and legal reasons of states that do not like Hagia Sophia decision have no basis

Cultural and legal reasons of states that do not like Hagia Sophia decision have no basis

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AKP’s Çelik: The states that do not like the Hagia Sophia decision have no basis for cultural and legal reasons.

AKP Spokesperson Ömer Çelik defended the view that “those who do not like this decision have no basis for cultural and legal reasons” for those who criticize the decision to open Hagia Sophia for worship.

Sharing made from steel social media accounts, “This is where the soils, although they are witnesses to the aspirations of this nation, nor of foreign states for which opened Hagia Sophia evils will plan for dealing to rehearse having a really severe identity crisis. Our nation is glad if they could wish for happy. Moreover, Turkey on world heritage protection and other they do it even though it is the openest country in respecting religions of worship. ” expressed his thought.

Çelik said, “There are many venues in the world that both represent the universal heritage and are open to worship. The Hagia Sophia Mosque will always be accessible for the purpose of visiting people from all religions. The universal cultural heritage of the Hagia Sophia Mosque will be preserved. He accomplished this with a legally correct decision in accordance with his right. The messages of our President are clear. ” found the assessment.

Çelik, “There may be states that do not like this decision. What concerns us is what our nation says and wants. The states that do not like this decision have no cultural and legal grounds. Their approach is political. Our President: The final decision-maker for the status of Hagia Sophia is the Turkish Nation, not the others. This is our domestic issue. It is only to respect the decision taken to other countries. ‘ He put the last point. That was the longing of our nation. This has come true. ” used the expression.

Çelik said in his shares:

It does not suit the arguments that support the cultural racism of other states from those living in this land. Of course there can be different opinions. But to criticize our state’s right to sovereignty through the arguments of other states is a complete identity crisis.

Moreover, the most voiced are the states that do not have mosques in their capitals or that allow fascists to attack the mosques. Approaching the issue with the same arguments is an unsuitable attitude.

Criticism is another, approaching a decision that is the result of the right of sovereignty of our nation, the sole owner of our state, with the attitude of other states is another.

May our nation’s President Mr. Erdogan’s decision satisfying the aspirations of our nation be beneficial again. May Hagia Sophia Mosque be blessed. May our nation exist. Sovereignty belongs unconditionally to the nation.



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