cutting places in Milan, in Rome chaos teachers and in Emilia-Romagna …

cutting places in Milan, in Rome chaos teachers and in Emilia-Romagna ...

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After the coronavirus there is already an emergency for kindergartens: cutting places in Milan, in Rome chaos teachers and in Emilia-Romagna …

Absence of guidelines; children admitted to the ranking in April and suddenly excluded at the end of July from that place in the nursery; chaos in the recruitment of teachers; reopening on 1st September maybe. From Milan to Rome through Emilia-Romagna, there is already an emergency for kindergartens. Again, the age group from 0 to 6 seems to have to pay the highest price even in the post-coronavirus phase. “It is not a country for children”, protests in chorus parents from all over Italy on social channels, targeting Municipalities, Regions and not sparing criticism from Minister Azzolina. That’s why, case by case.

In Milan three thousand children excluded from municipal kindergartens – Protest via social media of the Milanese parents who are waiting to find out if their children will be among those who will be able to attend kindergartens and nursery schools in September. The Councilor for Education and Education of the Municipality of Milan, Laura Galimberti, had raised the alarm a few days ago, explaining that without guidelines and indications on how to manage spaces in the post-Covid emergency in September 3,000 children risk being excluded from the classrooms. While the first entries have slipped in October.

The Municipality has sent emails to the families assigned to the places, which they can join or refuse, but in the meantime on the social pages of the Municipality and of the majority and opposition municipal councilors, they arrive protests from parents. “If you are a Milanese parent with 0-6 children, in these hours you are divided between relief – for having received the fateful email from the Municipality of Milan asking to accept or refuse the place at the nursery or maternal, or anxiety for not having received anything – he writes a mom on the Facebook page of a municipal councilor Pd -. And you ask yourself: will my children be among those 3,000 children who will not be accepted in public services? “.

It’s still a father: “Dear Mayor Beppe Sala, would you kindly let us know what will happen to those who will be excluded from the school system, after having entered it?”. The group leader of Milano Progressista in the Municipality, Anita Pirovano, explained that “I do not hide a strong concern and a little embarrassment for this situation which is alarming and which also fully involves the citizen’s institutional level”. While for Matteo Forte of Milano Popolare, in the opposition, “the junta Sala, between a social video by the mayor and a commercial with a successful rapper, has forgotten the services for children of his close competence”.

From the municipality they try to give reassurance. “The downsizing of the capacity is due to the anti-contagion rules and was done to ensure the safety of children and educators – they explain. – We are still mapping all the spaces to obtain as many places as possible”.

So in the lottery of places, all that remains is to hope for the repechage by August 10 or to hunt immediately in private facilities.

To Rome Chaos Master – The rankings for access to the nests have been published on the Roma Capitale website. Parents must communicate acceptance of the place by July 30th. From July 31st, acceptances will open for those on the waiting list. Uncertainty, therefore, for about 2 thousand children.

But “in the nursery schools and kindergartens of Roma Capitale it’s chaos educators and teachers. Every time that Raggi and her councilor for personnel announce competitions, the mandrakates announced to revive the fate of Rome end up in disasters. As in the case of schools, with procedures one more calibrated than the other. The last, even provides for hiring with reserve of competitors who participated without qualifications. Perhaps Raggi relies on Minister Azzolina who, as for bizarre procedures, has already accustomed us: in these hours she has launched the proposal to recruit teachers who have not yet graduated to engage them in schools. “Thus, in a note, the regional group leader of Lazio, Enrico Cavallari (Italia Viva), former councilor of the Pesonale of Rome Capital.

In Emilia Romagna perhaps the restart on September 1st – In the absence of guidelines by 31 July, 0-6 years of age educational services (nursery schools and kindergartens) will not be able to start again on 1 September. IS’ the alarm launched by the social cooperatives belonging to the Alliance of Cooperatives of Emilia-Romagna (the unitary body made up of Agci, Confcooperative and Legacoop). However, the cooperatives that manage the school services have advanced some proposals.

First of all on the maintenance of security measures: from reception-triage procedures to the use of masks and personal protective equipment. They also ask for constant sanitisations, a pact of co-responsibility between managers and families with the possibility of creating swabs and / or serological tests for operators and clear guidelines of behavior both in the presence of Covid cases and on the readmission of children with non-Covid diseases.

They also request the restoration of the organizational parameters (numerical adult-child ratios) and structural parameters (square meters per child), as envisaged in the different regional directives before the onset of Covid. Lastly, they call for the insertion of additional economic resources into the system to ensure safety and attention to pre and post school supplementary services and support for children with disabilities.

“The families, despite Covid, have enrolled the children in the services, considering them a useful and precious common good – the representatives of the Cooperative Alliance of Emilia-Romagna declare. – We hope that this appreciation will be manifested with concrete acts also from politics and by people involved in public administrations “.


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