David Schwimmer answers the biggest “Friends” controversy

David Schwimmer answers the biggest

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David Schwimmer hat in “Friends” Ross Geller gemimt.

There has been disagreement among “Friends” fans for years. Were Ross and Rachel separated when he was sleeping with another woman? David Schwimmer has a clear opinion.

Was Rachel and Ross separated when he “cheated” on them – or weren’t they? That’s the big question about that “Friends”-Fans are still debating 16 years after the last episode of the series aired. Now David Schwimmer (53), actor of Ross Geller, has taken a position himself.

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The US host Jimmy Fallon (45) said the actor: “The question does not arise at all, they were separate.” He is also receiving support for this thesis from numerous fans, as Schwimmer revealed in the same interview. Accordingly, if they met him on the street, they would call him out of the blue: “You were separated!”

The big issue is about a scene from season three, in which Rachel, played by Jennifer Aniston (51), suggests to Ross after a dispute to take a break. Ross then leaves the apartment without a word. When he calls his (ex) girlfriend a little later, he hears that his supposed rival is with her. He gets drunk and sleeps with another woman. From there, the question runs like a running gag through the on-off relationship of the two as well as through the entire series.


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