Demonstration in Montreal to regularize all migrants

Demonstration in Montreal to regularize all migrants

MONTREAL – A call to regularize all migrants, without exception, was launched in Montreal on Saturday.

“Everyone is essential!” is one of the slogans of the demonstration convened in the morning at Place Emilie-Gamelin, in the city center, by various groups of women, as well as defending the rights of tenants and workers, on the initiative of the network Solidarity without borders.

It is not only asylum seekers who have worked in the health sector who deserve recognition, argued the participants in this rally.

At the end of May, the Premier of Quebec, François Legault, announced that he had asked the then Minister of Immigration, Simon Jolin-Barrette, to “look at the cases one by one” and see if it would be possible. to qualify them as immigrants. His federal counterpart, Justin Trudeau, had said that the Canadian government was already working on this.

But beyond these “guardian angels”, several undocumented migrants, international students, temporary foreign workers and other refugee claimants found themselves on the front lines in times of pandemic, it is underlined.

Those whom governments are planning to regularize have simply found themselves in the “right place, right time,” said Farid, an undocumented migrant from Algeria, who preferred to keep his last name quiet.

“We are playing with our future, with our life,” explains the man who has worked in a warehouse for nine years, in the food industry.

“I’m afraid, but I have no choice but to go to work,” he says. They are counting on me. ”

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