Descale the kettle: it works with these home remedies

Descale the kettle: it works with these home remedies

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Boiling water in the kettle

Your kettle actually works great, but there are always these bright pieces in it. You can find out how to get lime with home remedies and prevent it here.Press the button once and start bubbling – boiling water sounds easy, it is. If only not this one white Sediment would be to jump up and down in the water. It refers to the Kalkablagerung. Getting rid of them is not that difficult.

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Lime in the kettle: energy consuming and ugly

The lime settles in the kettle over time. He is a normal part of tap water. In some places – for example in Munich or Berlin – there is particularly hard water and quick limescale deposits. Elsewhere – for example in Hamburg or Bonn – the water is particularly soft and it takes a little longer with the lime in the kettle.

In the end, however, there are deposits that do not look nice and the kettle too cost more energy when cooking – it’s also about your wallet.

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Descale the kettle: These home remedies will help you

Decalcifying your beloved kettle is not a big deal. There are also Home remedies that you may even have at home:

  • Vinegar or vinegar essence
  • citric acid
  • baking powder
  • Descaling tablets

With vinegar against lime

With Vinegar or vinegar essence you can easily get the lime. Easy half a liter of water and two tablespoons Vinegar essence fill in the kettle and switch on. For pure, clear vinegar you need twice the amount because the acidity is lower. Cloudy vinegar is not suitable for descaling.

Once the mixture has boiled, just leave it one more stand for half an hour and then empty it. The lime is already removed.

So that your next tea does not taste like vinegar, you should now fill the stove with new water and press the power button. Then you tip the water away – now the vinegar should be completely removed.

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Without boiling: citric acid

Another option is citric acid. It’s in Powder form in the supermarket, but alternatively you can use a lemon. For the powder, you should pay attention to the information on the package, for the lemon simply observe a mixing ratio of one part of squeezed lemon juice and three parts of water.

It is important not to cook the mixture. Citric acid takes care of limescale removal on its own. In total, you should let the acid work for an hour and the kettle then rinse well – because when boiling, calcium citrate would otherwise be produced, which is even more stubborn than lime.

For the material, this type of limescale removal in the kettle is better because vinegar is more aggressive, but citric acid is less effective. If the lime is not gone the first time, you can simply repeat the process again.

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Reach your destination with baking soda

But also with baking powder you reach your goal: the sparkling kettle like new. Put one or two teaspoons in the half-filled kettle and then bring to the boil.

It is important that there is not too much water in the calcified kettle, because the baking powder provides powerful foam. After the cooking process, the baking powder mixture should leave on for about an hour. Then you should rinse the kettle well.

Tablets as the fourth option

A fourth option is Descaler in tablet form. But these products should always approved by the device manufacturer be otherwise they may attack the material.

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Descale the kettle? With prevention never again

Are you tired of descaling the kettle all the time? Then luckily there is an easy solution for you!

Just that Pour or use the residual water directly into the drain after each cooking process. If no water remains in the kettle, no lime can build up – and you can do without descaling in the future.

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