Design stolen? Shitstorm against new Netflix series “Cursed”

 Design stolen? Shitstorm against new Netflix series

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Design stolen? Shitstorm against new Netflix series “Cursed”

For creating a fantasy world like the new Netflix series “Cursed – The Chosen One“Presents, it is usually necessary to design and manufacture a variety of fancy costumes, sets and props. Production designers and co. Also get inspiration elsewhere.

If, however, ideas are simply adopted by the author without knowledge and authorization, trouble is of course inevitable. This is exactly what is supposed to be the case with a particularly striking “Cursed” prop.

How a FILMSTARTS reader told us the German costume and prop company Sander-Propworx accuses the production team of “Cursed” for the skull stick of the leprosy king Rugen (Ólafur Darri Ólafsson) to have used a design of the company without permission in the new interpretation of the Arthurian legend.

The Sander Propworx boss writes in a related one Facebook-Post, which he illustrates with comparative images between his rod design from 2016 and the rod in the series, does the following:

“’A big thank you’ (NOT) to the unknown prop maker who was hired for this and decided on the easy way of creativity. IF they asked me if I would agree, I would probably have said yes, but nobody did … so it’s just a bad number. If you are as disgusted as I am by such behavior and how some companies deal with an artist’s ideas, feel free to contact Netflix / “Cursed” social media channels. Maybe it will reach the right people. ”

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Many have already followed this call on Twitter, Facebook and Co. – and the number is growing. A response from Netflix is ​​currently pending (as of July 18, 3 p.m.).

Lawsuit against Netflix?

In fact, the very similarity between the Sander-Propworx design and the “Cursed” scepter cannot be dismissed. You would have to check in detail whether the series version did not yet create enough details yourself to rule out copyright infringement – or whether the production team might even have acquired the staff somewhere in the normal way.

The prop company excludes the latter in the comments to its Facebook post, as it can safely say that the original staff is still in the possession of the customer who bought it years ago.

In the said comments, of course, a (probably very costly and time-consuming) lawsuit against Netflix is ​​discussed. Sander-Propworx emphasizes, however, that before considering any legal action, Netflix would like to have a statement on the allegations.

It remains to be seen whether this will come after the increasing shit storm and how the whole thing will develop.


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