Despite the Covid-19, thousands of people gathered in Paris for the fireworks

Despite the Covid-19, thousands of people gathered in Paris for the fireworks

Tourists and Ile-de-France people gathered around the Eiffel Tower to admire the traditional fireworks show on July 14.

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Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, thousands of people gathered around the Eiffel Tower on Tuesday evening to admire the fireworks.

Covid-19 doesn’t seem to have spoiled celebration : thousands of people, especially young Ile-de-France residents and tourists, gathered on Tuesday evening in Paris to watch the fireworks July 14, despite a very large security perimeter and calls to stay at home from the authorities because of the Covid-19.

The police headquarters had set up a large exclusion zone around the Eiffel Tower during the day, from which the fireworks were drawn, inviting Parisians to watch the show on television. But during the evening, thousands of people gathered along the Seine and on the Esplanade des Invalides in particular, to see the famous Parisian fireworks.

“It’s a lot of people, of risks”

“We came because it’s tradition, we do it every year,” explain Kenza, Léa and Johanna, three 19-year-old Parisian students. Perched on the top of a pillar of the railing of the Alexandre-III bridge, which leads to the Invalides, and offers a beautiful view of the Eiffel Tower, they say they have “not heard” of the prefecture’s call.

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“We respect the distancing, we came less numerous than usual”, pleads Léa, who like the vast majority of people gathered, does not wear a mask. “It’s always better to be outdoors,” she says.

Idil, a 26-year-old Turkish woman who has lived in Paris for 9 years, underlines “that we are coming out of confinement, the weather is therefore good as much to enjoy” as much, she says, “that I am young and in good health health, so not at risk. ” Still on deck, Ousmane, Bouba and Mamadou, 34, 20 and 21 years old, savor their pleasure: these three young people from Guinean families came specially from Melun for the fireworks. “It is good to see people, and it is always a great pleasure to come celebrate the national holiday,” said the first.

On the Esplanade des Invalides, Susan, a 48-year-old Dutch tourist, did not expect to see crowded lawns like the ones with the best view of the Eiffel Tower. “It’s a lot of people, of risks, we’re going to find a quieter place,” she said, taking her children elsewhere.

The crowd was to remain in the evening on the esplanade, before leaving it shortly before one in the morning under pressure from the police.

In most cities in France, the July 14 festivities have been reduced due to health restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic. President Emmanuel Macron had warned during the day against an epidemic that “starts a little”.

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