Details of the Russian investigation not revealed before the presidential election

Details of the Russian investigation not revealed before the presidential election

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The U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday accepted an appeal from Donald Trump to prevent Congress from accessing confidential parts of the investigation report into the suspected collusion between Moscow and its campaign team in 2016.

The choice of the high court has the practical consequence of blocking all access to these documents before the presidential election of November 3.

After more than two years of investigation, special prosecutor Robert Mueller had published in March 2019 a report of more than 400 pages, a widely redacted version of which was then made public.

He concluded that he had not found “sufficient evidence” of an agreement between Russia and the entourage of candidate Trump, but described a series of disturbing pressures exerted on his investigation.

Access requested by Democrats

The majority Democratic House of Representatives has since tried to gain access to entrenched material, suspecting the president of having committed “obstructions to justice”.

In particular, it calls for access to information obtained by “grand juries”, groups of citizens who deal confidentially with serious accusations.

In March, a federal court of appeal had ruled that the Chamber’s judicial commission could have access to the information gathered in this context. The republican administration then turned to the Supreme Court.

The latter accepted this appeal on Thursday, which it will not examine before the fall for a decision in 2021. In the meantime, the decision of the court of appeal is suspended.


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