Digital Agriculture Market description by Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Pakdemirliden

Digital Agriculture Market description by Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Pakdemirliden

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Digital Agriculture Market description by Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Pakdemirliden

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Bekir Pakdemirli stated that they attach great importance to the Digital Agriculture Market they are promoting. “Currently, it has exceeded 100 million pounds. consumer, perhaps a little cheaper. ” said.

Bekir Pakdemirli, Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, who visited the Governorship within the framework of his program in Manisa, wished success to the Governor Yaşar Karadeniz, who was appointed approximately 15 days ago. Pakdemirli, who met with the district mayors in a hotel in a city after the governor’s visit, listened to the demands of the mayors at the meeting that was closed to the press.

Pakdemirli, who attended the Agriculture Sector Meeting held in Manisa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said that he was happy to come to his father’s quarry, Manisa.

During the course of Turkey’s food problems striking Pakdemirli live like other countries in the supply, in which the producer, industrialist and stated that the largest share of the logistics industry.

Expressing that the farmer continues to produce and harvest despite the epidemic, Pakdemirli said that they expect good yields in many crops this year, and that they will try to raise the regulation regarding the opening of unused treasury land to agriculture in September or October.

Turkey last year’s 275 billion pounds achieved in voicing Pakdemirli agricultural product, made $ 18 billion in agricultural exports, recalled that exports more than $ 5.5 billion was given.

Pakdemirli stated that they adopted producer-friendly policies and made intervention purchases so that the producer was not a victim, so that no producers remained in the field of their producers, and that they did not leave the farmer alone with the premiums to support the farmer, whose production costs increased due to the increasing exchange rate.


Reminding that they introduced and introduced the Digital Agriculture Market during the epidemic process, Pakdemirli said:

“This digital market will eliminate intermediaries between the producers when necessary and enter the chain stores around it, minimize handling and logistics processes. Or provide convenience to the market and provide a product produced in Van to be sold to Edirne. This is the internet This is a platform that will bring together the producer and the consumer, combine the insurers and the food businesses. Our target will be to reach billions of lira, when you reach a certain amount of turnover, the food will be the solution to inflation, the producer will earn more money, the consumer will reach them a little cheaper and healthier. The whole market and ecosystem will be fed from it. “


Pakdemirli also pointed out that they have started a campaign called “Protect your food, protect your table” and stated that they aim to expand the culture of savings thanks to this campaign.

Pointing out that 2 percent of the food that goes to the garbage is saved, Pakdemirli, who pointed out that 10 thousand lira worth of 360 thousand families will be preserved, said, “If we increase the amount of savings to 5 percent, we will protect the food expense of 1 million families corresponding to 25 billion liras. . ” said.

Reminding that Manisa is one of the important cities of the country in agricultural production, Pakdemirli stated that they provided 10 billion lira of investment and agricultural production support to the producer in the city in 18 years, and they provided a grant support of 17 thousand decares and granted 21 million lira.

As the General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works, Pakdemirli added that they will implement 8 new irrigation dams with an investment value of 567 million lira throughout the province and will not leave irrigated agricultural land. The question and answer session of the meeting was closed to the press.


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