Dior makes natural make-up a beauty trend again with its Cruise Collection 2021

Dior makes natural make-up a beauty trend again with its Cruise Collection 2021

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Understandably, a pandemic cannot really be won over. If you still had to draw a conclusion about the positive trends that the Covid-19 outbreak has brought, you could call the return to the essentials. With the newly gained time at home, many people have taken stock – and many women drastically cleared out their cosmetics cabinet in addition to the wardrobe. Because when the majority of life takes place within your own four walls, you realize that three lipsticks instead of 20 variants are sufficient and that your skin and your self-confidence are happy if you reduce your existing beauty with a reduced one Make-up free up more space.

Natural Make-up Dior Cruise Collection 2021 Beauty-Trend

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Natural Make-up Dior Cruise Collection 2021 Beauty-Trend

The beauty looks recently showed how beautiful and elegant it can look Dior Cruise Collection 2021 from Lecce: For the creations of creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri, the make-up artist of the label, Peter Philips, relied on simplicity and natural make-up.

Dior Cruise Collection 2021: How the make-up complemented Maria Grazia Chiuri’s creations

Originally, the presentation of the Dior Cruise Collection 2021 in label-typical fashion was to be a spectacular staging in the heart of Apulia – but the corona pandemic also thwarted these plans, which is why the fashion show from Lecce was instead broadcast via live stream and with less than 80 Guests, only the closest friends of the house, had to take place on site. The magic remained despite everything: creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri showed her creations in a setting between light installations by the artist Marinella Senatores, folkloric sounds of the orchestra La Notte della Taranta and dancers who performed a traditional choreography.

The fashion designer had already traveled through Puglia in November 2019 and selected individual artists there to work with her on the Cruise Collection – because the collection was inspired by traditional Apulian craftsmanship. The floor-length dresses, leather corsages and lavishly embroidered creations were mostly in earthy and reserved colors, the looks are artful as usual, but still simple and reduced.

Peter Philips, creative and image director for Dior Makeup, picked up on these tendencies in his beauty looks: almost all models wore hers hair under head scarves, which brought the focus of the beauty look to the face. Here the make-up artist relied on a natural glow that was achieved through intensive skin care and reduced make-up. “It’s about the strong, natural woman – who shines. She is a radiant, confident woman, ”Peter Philips explained his inspiration to the American one „Instyle“.

Natural make-up: this is how the beauty trend of the Dior Cruise Collection 2021 succeeds

The basis of the beauty look of the Dior Cruise Collection 2021 was intensively cared for skin – for a natural one Glow, without any complex aids. For the models, the “Capture Totale CELL ENERGY Super Potent Age-Defying Intense Serum” was used, followed by the moisturizing cream of the care line. For a smooth complexion, the make-up artist then used the “Dior Backstage Face & Body Primer” and the “Dior Backstage Face & Body Foundation”. However, he used the foundation discreetly and only applied a fine layer to the skin to improve the natural texture, but not to hide it.

The eyes of the Dior Makeup beauty team made up three products, the “Brow Styler” and “Pump’N’Brow” for more defined eyebrows, and the mascara “Diorshow Iconic” for the eyelashes. Philips prepared the lips of the models with a peeling so that they could then apply the “Lip Maximizer Pumping Gloss” to the intensively cared for lips. The result is a subtle natural makeup that everyone Complexion flatters and is suitable for everyday as well as office use.

Will natural make-up determine the near future as a beauty trend?

It is to be expected that the beauty look of Dior from Puglia will also prevail off the runway – after all, Maria Grazia Chiuri and Peter Philips are picking up on a growing tendency with the fashion and natural make-up of the Cruise Collection 2021: back to his Roots and to reflect on the essential things that are available in small numbers, but all the better quality – which also in terms of Beauty absolutely makes sense. Not only does this come on hot summer days or in the hectic pace of the morning in the bathroom, but is also a gratifying trend, especially in the cosmetics industry: to give women the important message that they should have no grip on the make-up bag of tricks are radiantly beautiful, strong and inspiring – and they only use make-up as a supplement to their already existing ones beauty should use, but not to hide behind. Of course, the extensive dressing up is great fun in between – but one that is guaranteed to appreciate all the more with an otherwise reduced make-up routine.


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