“disinfected” elections in Spain, French “relaxation”, doubled cases in South Africa


Duration: 01:45

Different, very different behaviors in the world, in front of Covid-19. Elections “disinfected” at the time of the pandemic It happens in the Basque Country and in Galicia, in northern Spain, where regional elections were scheduled for Sunday. Masks and hand sanitizers are now the kit needed to go to vote, but 400 voters who tested positive at Covid-19 were unable to do so, because they were prohibited from leaving their respective homes. In France the virus now seems a memory In France, however, no social distancing nor masks at a concert in Nice. But the videos of the concert shared on social networks aroused indignant comments, as the government asked for prudence and the use of masks to “prevent” any risk of a second wave of the epidemic in France. Unenviable record in Florida With positives on the rise in most of the United States, Florida has recorded an unenviable daily record of over 15,000 cases. Yet Disneyworld has just been reopened in Orlando. The rate of infection in Florida has exceeded any peak seen so far in Europe. South Africa: “the storm is upon us” Confirmed cases of Coronavirus in South Africa have doubled in just two weeks, reaching a quarter of a million. President Cyril Ramaphosa told the nation live on television: In Johannesburg, ventilators for patients are purchased by companies and individuals. The pandemic is putting a strain on the South African health system and highlighting the foreseeable gap in assistance between the wealthy and the poor.


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