Doctors protest in CDMX and Chiapas for the arrest of a colleague

Doctors protest in CDMX and Chiapas for the arrest of a colleague

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Doctors mobilized in Chiapas and CDMX to demand the release of Dr. Vicente Grajales, who was treating patients with COVID-19.

Dozens of doctors took to the streets of Chiapas and Mexico City this Friday to demand the release of their colleague Gerardo Vicente Grajales, accused of abuse of authority for ordering equipment and medicine from a relative of a patient with COVID-19. With the slogan ‘Freedom, freedom!’, Members of the National Union of Health Workers mobilized in Tuxtla Gutiérrez, where the doctor Vicente Grajales, detained last weekend, was treating patients with coronavirus.

While in Mexico City, doctors demonstrated outside the Ministry of the Interior (Segob) to demand not only the release of his colleague, but the reincorporation of his colleagues who have been fired for requesting supplies. “We come to demand our rights as workers, that the needs for supplies are met, that all comrades who have died from fighting the pandemic be recognized,” said one of the spokesmen. According to what the spokesperson reported, a commission of at least five people will establish a dialogue table with Segob, which it asked to take seriously its demands. ‘Now we have Dr. Grajales, we have him detained, imprisoned, they are criminalizing him. We hope, gentlemen of the Interior, that you take this seriously, ‘he added. The mobilizations to support Dr. Grajales began to take place from Thursday, when a judge linked him to trial for the crime of abuse of authority.

Upon making the judge’s decision known, the union protested outside the Chiapas Government Palace, where the doctor’s mother offered a message defending that her son “has saved lives.” The doctor Gerardo Vicente Grajales was denounced by a relative of a man with COVID-19 for having requested equipment and supplies for patient care. After being detained and presented to the Public Ministry, the doctor was ordered to be held in preventive custody as a precautionary measure, despite the fact that the crime he is accused of is not serious. In a letter published on social networks, and addressed to President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the health authorities and the government of Chiapas, 15 schools and medical associations accused that the doctor’s arrest was abusive, violent and illegal, as they argued that He was criminalized without first thoroughly investigating the reported acts. “We do not oppose the investigation and punishment of any citizen (for) an incorrect professional act, but we do not agree with the fact that we are used to demarcate the external responsibilities of a chronically deficient health system,” they explained.

Video: Dr. Grajales, accused of abuse of authority, is linked to the process (Millennium)

Dr. Grajales, accused of abuse of authority, is linked to the process




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