Does Netflix stop Turkish projects?

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Netflix: We will notify you if we decide to make a statement about these issues. Thank you A news that was broadcast yesterday evening was that Netflix was canceled by “If I Had My Current Mind”, which started in the morning. It was noted that the team, who was directed by Çağan Irmak and starring Özge Özpirinçci and Birkan Sokullu, received the news of the cancellation of the series project on the set as a shock.

After the series, which was shot by Ay Yapım, was canceled by Netflix, it was announced that the set team collected the decorations. No explanation has been made from Ay Yapım on the subject. It is only heard that Netflix will pay the 3.5 per episode of the canceled series for several episodes.

Today we asked the incident and its cause to the parties, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, RTÜK and Netflix public relations.

We forwarded the following 4 questions to Netflix;

  1. Has this series and other series been canceled as a result of a dispute with the Ministry of Culture?
  2. What exactly is the dispute?
  3. Will Netflix no longer do a Turkish project?
  4. Has any other country experienced this kind of problem?

The answer came like this

“We will inform you if we decide to make a statement about these issues. Thank you.”

So Netflix doesn’t explain what happened. He does not say why he canceled or whether he had a fight with RTÜK or the Ministry of Culture. There is even an uncertainty about whether to make a statement or not.

Netflix was in Ankara last week

It is recorded that last week Netflix requested an appointment with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and RTÜK for the top manager coming from abroad and these meetings were held.

According to some information in the press, Netflix sent the first part of the series to be shot to the ministry. the ministry also asked for the second part. It is stated that there is an LGBT character in this series but there is no problem in the ministry.

However, it is informed that RTÜK invited Netflix and asked them to remove the gay character from the series and that Netflix released the gay character.

But after that, it is uncertain. If he was removed, then what happened was canceled. There is no explanation or answer to questions from Netflix.

Why does Netflix give the script to the Ministry of Culture?

Meanwhile, we wondered that Netflix gave the screenplay to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism for a series that was made by him. The productions, which will receive support from the General Directorate of Cinema, had to give the script.

In other words, the screenplay of this series, which is presented as the production of Netflix, has been presented to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism for receiving an incentive from the state. We have learned that Netflix is ​​not direct, but the producers and screenwriters of the series may have applied for support. As a result, this is a support that reduces the costs of Netflix if there is an application.

For the meeting in the ministry of culture, the following were recorded;

“(Kcountry and tourism) Minister Beyle göField of view. Minister Bey, ‘Overseas we do not interfere with your series, but the society is sensitive about LGBT. We want you to be sensitive in this matter ‘ He said, and on top of it, thisHe conveyed that he would give. Occasional conflict or restme tThere is no product. Rather pass a positive meetingyou. “

Does Netflix use RTÜK as a marketing tool?

RTÜK makes another claim; It was said that there was no disagreement, that Netflix requested an appointment from RTÜK for the top manager coming from abroad last week because the procedures for the license application made are ongoing.

The information we received from an RTÜK official who did not want to disclose his name regarding the issue is as follows;

“Meeting normal geIt was three. However, Netflix is ​​using “guerrilla marketing” for sure. There was an event like this; While shooting the series titled Love 101, that is, the first böNot even broadcastken, RTÜLGBT face with KWhy contention news spread. RTÜK does not interfere with an unpublished string. scenario öHe doesn’t know before. But nobody questioned this. Everyone also had expectations. Array arc afternlandI looked at and there is no gay role.

“Some singers used to do this “RTÜThey were launching the clip that was never banned as “clip banned by K.” Now Netflix has taken the same pathöIt is züküy.

“In other words, Netflix prefers to market its movies and series by creating anticipation. At the moment, they may have canceled the series for some other reason, perhaps due to cost reduction, or perhaps not agreeing with the production team.öinstead of presenting it, RTÜThey attract attention by saying K. “

This is the information we receive (or cannot) from the parties. We follow the matter. Netflix has to make a statement as a company with a strong corporate structure and should not suspend people. Or RTÜK and the Ministry of Culture should clarify this issue. Uncertainty is not a nice thing.

[1] If I Had My Mind Now



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