Ecologist Jeanne Barseghian officially elected mayor of Strasbourg

Ecologist Jeanne Barseghian officially elected mayor of Strasbourg

Jeanne Barseghian presented, from this first municipal council, a declaration of “climate emergency” for Strasbourg

Jeanne Barseghian candidate for EELV in Strasbourg, June 2, 2020

Jeanne Barseghian officially became Saturday the first ecological mayor of Strasbourg, declaring “the state of climatic emergency” for the Alsatian city which it wants to make “the European capital of ecological, social and democratic transition”.

“I will carry inseparably the answer to the three major challenges before us: the ecological challenge, the social challenge and the democratic challenge,” said the new mayor, after having obtained 53 favorable votes. Eleven councilors abstained.

“Our environment is sending us increasingly stronger and more frequent signals and there is no longer any question of looking away. It is time to look at the world as it is and to take strong actions , ambitious and collective, “said the 39-year-old lawyer.

A climate emergency declaration

Jeanne Barseghian presented, from this first municipal council, a declaration of “climate emergency” for Strasbourg, as some cities like Paris or Barcelona have already done, and as the new ecological mayor of Bordeaux Pierre Hurmic also plans to do.

The new mayor of Strasbourg, who succeeds socialist Roland Ries, mayor for fifteen years, signed the text with applause. “This urgency is there, let us take it head to head in all of our public policies,” she explained, adding that this declaration should make it possible to “get to work as early as Monday, always having in mind this priority”.

Standing ovation

Moved to tears at the end of the speech while addressing her family present in the hemicycle of the municipal council, the new mayor of Strasbourg received a standing ovation from all the municipal councilors, including from the opposition.

The new municipal majority of Jeanne Barseghian, which counts 47 seats out of 65, will be joined by the group of seven advisers of its former competitor, the socialist Catherine Trautmann, as announced earlier today the two women, who n ‘had failed to ally between the two rounds.

“I thank her for having accepted that we can resume dialogue together on new foundations,” said Jeanne Barseghian, during a press conference on Saturday morning, referring to a “willingness to work together for collegial governance. of the majority “.

“We have chosen to join a majority intergroup, we maintain our unity and our identity there,” said Catherine Trautmann, whose list came third on June 28. “From the moment we have a certain number of convergences, we must opt ​​for the chance that can represent a joint work”, she added, while specifying that her group did not want to be a group of ‘backup but truly a partner group “.

Two members of his list join the municipal executive, one as assistant to “the digital and innovative city” and another as delegated councilor. Jeanne Barseghian, who surrounded herself with nineteen deputies, refused the term “tandem” at the head of Strasbourg. “We are a collective, we will work in collegiality” with an effort put on “transversality to avoid that everyone works in his corner”, she promised.

The EELV candidate obtained 41.71% of the votes in the second round, far ahead of the LREM candidate, Alain Fontanel, who had formed an alliance between two rounds with LR and obtained 34.96% of the votes. Arriving third as in the first round, Catherine Trautmann obtained 23.33%. Both the mayor and his two opponents in the second round spoke of the unprecedented abstention recorded during this election, which calls for “humility”.


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